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Current anime episodes comments - Akame ga Kill!, DRAMAtical Murder, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Re:Hamatora, Ao Haru Ride, Hunter x Hunter, Momo Kyun Sword, Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shou ga Nai!!

Akame ga Kill!

Episode 1

That kid was so naive it's ridiculous.
At least he caught a lucky break rather fast.
Or so he thought...
And got up to speed with current events in a blink of an eye.
Night Raid was pretty awesome.
Damn, they all need to die.
Will give this one a try.

DRAMAtical Murder

Episode 1

Been waiting for this one.
Even decided to hold off of playing VN until I've seen the anime.
The main characters look nice but it's not my first time seeing them ^^
The computer-pets are interesting, but their voices are too serious & deep.
Story is fine for this type of anime, didn't expect more, so it's all good.
Will be watching this.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Episode 1

Poor girl...
That was totally embarrassing.
That guy is so serious and calm.
Definitely not a typical mangaka.
They do make a good team though.
The bicycle part was totally LOL
Well, this was more fun then I expected.
I'm pleasantly surprised.
Will be watching this!


Episode 1

So it's finally here.
The cliffhanger end revealed the aftermath.
This is so not how I imagined it would continue.
It's like watching One Piece without Luffy...
Just feels kinda wrong.
At least they kept things realistic.
Damn, really hate them for keeping the bomb for the very end!!
Still, gonna skip this season.
Think I'm gonna skip this.

Ao Haru Ride

Episode 1

Interesting and sweet.
It's hard to put it to words.
Just kinda sucked me in.
Couldn't stop watching it.
The hot-cold thing was intriguing.
Will give this a try.

Hunter x Hunter

Episode 137

12 members of the Zodiac.
It's nice to see Gon's dad.
Didn't think he had such a high up position.
Still, I think he's irresponsible.
Leaving his kid like that & never coming back.
It's just cruel.
Even crueler is that he won't even go see him now.
He's a failure as a father.
Picking a new chairman...
Each of them wanted the position... sigh.
That part sure was predictable.
Well, glad they managed to finish the elections in one episode.
The most interesting part was definitely the very end.

Momo Kyun Sword

Episode 1

This is classified as fantasy.
I would not agree that it's only that.
All girls, prevy animals and lots of big boobs.
The girls seems to be shinobi or something though.
Skipping this..

Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shou ga Nai!!

Episode 1

Nice opening ^^
Didn't expect something that spicy right off the bat.
He sure got himself an interesting roommate.
It's pretty fun too.
There are some pretty interesting characters in this anime.
Sora is such a confused trouble magnet..
He obviously has something hidden that he's not even aware of.

Episode 2

Nao & Sora still have a love-hate relationship.
Matsuri is like super glue.
Holding those two together whether they want it or not.
And having a blast doing it ^^
Seems like both Sora & Nao share a body with someone else.
Yoru & Ran seem to be their leaches.

Episode 3

School club problems.
Copycats strike, but they were just some kids.
Turned out to be a pretty funny situation.
So they ended up helping the kids.
Pretty straightforward episode.

Episode 4

Sora and his pink elephant ROFL
Him and Nao are still quick to fight over anything.
Ran seems to be popping up mostly at night.
Guess he's pissed about Yoru being in Sora.
That mysterious bandit sure caused some interesting trouble.
Matsuri loves his cosplay ^^"
Another fun episode!

Episode 5

Ghost stories & ghosts.
Here's another fun task for our crew ^^
Sora was such a scaredy cat.
He can be pretty useless sometimes.
Interesting how he always attracts weirdos.
This time he got himself a lovestruck ghost ^^"
Talk about misfortune...
All is well that ends well.

Episode 6

Valentine's day!
The club was busy busy busy...
That angel deliver was just LOL
Of course it was Matsuri's idea.
I'm just amazed they're still going along with his ideas.
One sided love is just so sad..
Ending was very interesting.

Episode 7

Sora - Nao awkwardness..
Finally, they at least tried to ditch Matsuri.
Shame he's so skillfully persistent.
That tryout sure was harder than it looked..
Felt sorry for Nao this time.
The competition was fun.

Episode 8

The midnight activities are getting out of hand.
It's obvious Ran & Yoru want more.
That's making Sora - Nao relationship awkward.
And making them feel like they're losing control.
It was nice to learn more about other characters too.
Sudden hospital checkup was a surprise.
There is still something the other are hiding about those multiple personalities.

Episode 9

So Nao is working for someone after all.
He just hurt Sora's feelings acting all mean.
It was sad watching those two be on bad terms.
I think he likes Sora so much that he's distancing him 'cause of his assignment.
Suddenly changing rooms was going a bit too far.
Rather emotional episode.

Episode 10

It was nice to see more of Sora & Nao's childhood.
Even if it wasn't all sunshine and fun.
Damn, they sure had a crappy childhood.
Never thought they were a part of an experiment.
That was just too cruel.
Well, at least now the truth is out!
Their true feelings were finally released as well.

Episode 11

The whole thing just got darker.
So Ran did his task.
Sora turned into something else, something scary.
His inner struggle was constant even then.
The past unfolded with each new minute.

Episode 12

Nao realized the cruelty of the experiment.
Their whole lives were just a plaything for those doctors.
Both of them needed some reassuring and support.
It was amazing seeing them conquer their fear.
They deserve some happiness and normal lives.

Episode 13 Final

The field trip was really nice.
A time to relax after all the ordeal they went through or?
Sadly, Matsuri was up to his old tricks.
Which meant no rest and a lot of work.
Damn, it sure was lively at that onsen!
Really nice final episode.

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