Thursday, July 3, 2014

Current anime episodes comments - Glasslip, Shirogane no Ishi: Argevollen, Tokyo Ghoul, Naruto Shippuuden, Mirage of Blaze, Rail Wars!, Jojo Stardust Crusaders, Fairy Tail


Episode 1

Art looks really nice.
That's the first thing that caught my eye.
OP was oh so slice of life charming.
Not a bad choice to start off with a festival.
It's simple, yet it sucks you right in.
Might give this one a try..

Shirogane no Ishi: Argevollen

Episode 1

Mecha everywhere.
Well, it is a state of war after all.
Halfway through, but not seeing anything that would peak my interest.
Still seems just like an average mecha anime.
Ah, so they kept the best for last.
Not surprised by their surprise that much.
Even though that Argevollen is pretty awesome in a fight.
Think I'm gonna skip this one.

Tokyo Ghoul

Episode 1

Gruesome. Dark. Disturbing. Perfect!
Just what I was waiting for.
Normal world vs ghoul world sharing the same reality.
Damn, poor kid felt right into that trap.
Think that doctor made some kind of an experiment out of him.
Will be watching this one.

Naruto Shippuuden 

Episode 367 

Hashimara - Madara past together.
That Hashimara sure had a weird personality.
So this is another blast from the past episode.
Well, any new info about their backgrounds is interesting.
Looks like Madara wasn't a bad guy at all at first.
Wonder what made him go all crazy...
Such a shame.. from friends to enemies in seconds.
Nice episode!

Mirage of Blaze

Episode 3

From one trouble into the other.
Those boys still haven't learned how to fight.
There's nothing sadder than seeing two friends on opposite sides.
Emotions were running high.
I was surprised to see a physical object could hurt them.
Well, at least temporarily.

Episode 4

New characters appear.
A weird best friend mixup.
Guess past life interfered again.
Takaya was acting rather childish this time.
More & more reincarnated people keep popping up.

Episode 5

Ougi was confused about his so called best friend.
His face said it all.
He should be careful considering everything that's going on.
Those evil spirits seem to be popping up everywhere lately.
This anime sure offers a nice history lesson..
People are never who they seem at first glance.

Episode 6

Ougi sure can be so stubborn sometimes.
Accepting help is not something that makes him happy.
Still, he has a long way to go to fully evolve.
Seems nowhere is safe anymore.
I like it how each episode has it's own intensity.
Surprise, surprise, Narita can be useful.
Who knew those vengeful spirits could be reasoned with.

Episode 7

So even the past has a past.
What I mean to say is: each character has more than one past.
Sooner or later it comes to collect.
Ougi seems to have learned a few tricks.
His character has evolved some, but there is more ahead.
At least the memories of his past life are slowly coming back.
His true persona is emerging one step at a time.
And not only Ougi is going through something like that.

Episode 8

Possessed swimming pool... that's a new concept.
Ougi is turning into his reincarnated self.
His power was all over the place 'cause of it.
So Yuiko was possessed without even knowing it, such a scary thought.
Naoe seems to be Ougi's problem this time.
Things are getting more interesting.

Episode 9

Ougi's relationship with Naoe is making him anxious.
Guess being away from him too long has awoken stronger emotions in Ougi.
At the moment, the strongest one is confusion.
On the other hand, Naoe was too busy doing his job to have time for anything else.
Tsutsuga mirrors sure caused a whole bunch of problems.
Ougi even managed to find his brother in all the confusion.
Not only that, but he also found himself more trouble.

Episode 10

It wasn't meant to be for Ougi & Naoe to be separated for long.
A lot of clan politics this time.
So the truth finally come out.
Damn, those two really have a complicated relationship, now & in the past.
Poor Narita got used again..

Episode 11

Things are getting even more complex.
The plot shifted from action to strategizing.
All the clans involved are spinning their own play.
There are so many problems, but so little time to deal with them all.
The clock is ticking for Ougi.
Naoe was clearly not thinking with his head.
Luckily third party intervened, but at a price..

Episode 12

A happy reunion.
But there was no time to rest.
The battle of the past shifted to the present.
Must admit I got a bit lost in the whole who wants what..
Just one more episode left to put an end to all the evil.

Episode 13 Final

The final battle is upon us.
Looks like Ougi finally tapped into his true power.
This time he had to be stronger than himself.
Sacrifices were inevitable in the end.
Still, this was a great anime.
The ending definitely left room for a sequel.

Rail Wars!

Episode 1

There were some interesting characters in that class.
OMG, the boobs ^^"
This is an awesome anime for train lovers who like fanservice.
It's just not my kind of thing.
I'll be skipping this one.

Jojo Stardust Crusaders

Episode 14

At this rate Jojo's mom would die a few times over.
They sure are taking their sweet time getting to Dio.
Their tour around the globe is fun, but unrealistic when time is concerned.
So it's Pakistan this time.
Another weird town in the middle of nowhere..
Guess stands are everywhere they go.
That old lady sure was scary!
A nice foundation episode for new stand user.

Fairy Tail

Episode 14

Laxus was pretty impressive.
It's been a while since I've seen him fight.
After all the fire & ice, lightning nice for a change.
Some in the streets, others in the castle, each with their own problems.
Juvia & Gray working as a team, awesome!!
Erza finally put an end to Sabertooth's girl.
Damn, it's finally over!!
A well deserved victory for Fairy Tail.
And a sweet sweet reunion with Lector ^^

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