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Anime episodes comments - Welcome to NHK!

Welcome to NHK!

Episode 1

Damn, what a start of an episode!
Weirdness everywhere..
A conspiracy obsessed shut in?
He seems to be a bit of a perv too.
His problems just kept piling up.
At least he made an effort to change.
This should be interesting.

Episode 2

Satou got a chance for a new start.
His imagination is way too wild.
He was conflicted like crazy.
And in denial too...
The annoyance next door was finally revealed!
Guess there are more crazies around.
At least he's surrounded by more people now.

Episode 3

From an idea to create a game to a successful company.
It's so easy to dream, but dreams require hard work and dedication.
Those two don't really have what it takes.
Satou got himself a new kind of obsession.
Poor Yamazaki got suffocated by numerous questions.
Each time he gets a task, he becomes overly obsessive about it.
Yup, Satou really has issues..

Episode 4

Still working on that game..
Looks like both of them have issues.
Doing research for the game.
Maybe that maid cafe was a bit much for Satou.
Guess those two got drowned in the otaku world.
Well, at least they got seriously inspired.
Maybe even too inspired..
They just can't do anything moderately.

Episode 5

Damn, seems like all his friends are messed up in some way.
Oh, man, now he's even a full time otaku too.
That Satou really is something...
Well, at least he seems to be collecting his school friends.
Hitomi is also a piece of work.
It's like there aren't any normal people in his life at all.
So he finally signed the contract.
Sure took him a while.
He seems to be making progress.

Episode 6

It's nice they didn't give up on the game thing.
Still, it cause them all of frustration.
Well, it's good he's still persistent with going to Miskai's lectures.
Her lectures were actually pretty good too.
Satou might actually learn a thing or two.
His priorities and interests are all messed up.
Satou learned the hard way Misaki was right.

Episode 7

His fears are still ruling his life.
Satou needs quite a few more lessons to deal with real life.
He's really quick to revert to his hikikomori ways.
Lying and inventing stories are a part of his daily routine.
Even worse, anyone can see through them.
Man, he's really pathetic.
It was nice to learn more about Miskai though.

Episode 8

Satou's mom's visit.
Damn, he sure lived in a garbage dump.
His room was filthy and disgusting.
Misaki posing as Satou's girlfriend, so cute!
So his mom just played along with the whole thing.
Looks like Satou-Misaki relationship is evolving too.

Episode 9

Those are slowly growing between Satou & Misaki.
Could it be love?
Misaki is mysterious, but cute and smart.
I wonder why she even decided to help him..
Maybe she liked him from the start.
Anyway, Yamazaki & Satou are back on the game.
That seems like the never ending task.

Episode 10

Satou is a lost cause...
His stupidity is beyond me.
At least he's enjoying his time with Misaki.
Oh, yeah. He's in love.
But those stupid fears of his are always in the way.

Episode 11

Hitomi's current life.
Guess she doesn't have it easy at all.
Well, it's good to hang out once in a while.
She could be a possible 2nd love interest.
This could make things very interesting.

Episode 12

Satou threw away Misaki too easily.
Just because she came from a rich family.
Guess not everything was as it seemed with Hitomi.
He got his hopes up way too soon.
The island trip was nice though.
Until the other guys turned out to be unfriendly.
Still, he managed to turn them around.

Episode 13

The island of death.
That's why everyone was so gloomy.
The trip was a suicide pact.
Baka Satou was the only one clueless about it.
Can't say that I'm surprised at all.
Luckily some of them had people who cared about them.

Episode 14

Misaki managed to convey her feelings to Satou.
The whole island ordeal ended happily after all.
From an island to an onsen.
Not bad considering all that happened.
It sure gave them something to think about.
I think Satou grew a little from this experience.

Episode 15

Bad news for Satou's budget.
Guess he's gonna have to find a job now.
What bad luck for a hikikomori.
That online game might help him out a bit.
Seriously, is he unable to communicate even in a game.
Damn, he's useless in reality & in virtual reality.
Another obsession has swallowed him whole.

Episode 16

He's traded Misaki in for some virtual reality chick.
Luckily, Misaki pulled an ace out of her sleeve.
It didn't work, interesting..
Yamazaki sure put him in his place.
There's no substitute for real work.

Episode 17

At least something good came out of that online game.
So did yet another possible love triangle.
He keeps straying form Misaki quite a lot.
Still doesn't get she's the only one who cares.
Satou got sucked in yet another stupid situation.
He really knows how to get pulled into trouble.
Sigh, he totally fell for it.... idiot.

Episode 18

His stupidity is beyond belief.
So are his insecurities..
All three of them are idiots.
That ex class president sure can sell anything to anyone.
Looks like she had a hikikomori of her own that got her into problems.

Episode 19

So she got into debt cause of her brother.
Guess she wasn't lucky as Satou.
Trying to reason with her brother actually gave some results.
Was surprised by that.
Yamazaki still devoted to his game.
He's actually pretty talented, but Satou (of course) is slowing his efforts significantly.
No way, Prez's brother's survival instinct prevailed & he cured himself.

Episode 20

Yamazaki's unfortunate circumstances put the game on pause.
They actually even left Satou without a best friend too.
Well, it was nice to see he didn't give up on it.
Poor Yamazaki forced to go back to his planned out life.
That just sucks!
His new found bravery didn't backfire at all with Nanako.
Well, at least not until he went overboard.

Episode 21

Another failure of their game.
Guess Yamazaki really is moving now.
It was nice to see those two have fun before he moved.
They made some nice memories together.
No wonder Satou felt lonely and lost without him.

Episode 22

Yet another Satou's senpai made an appearance..
This one was actually not single.
Seems like Satou really is a nice guy.
One the other hand, Misaki totally misunderstood the whole thing.
Will he be able to fix the situation?
Yamazaki seems to be doing fine back home.
Misaki situation kept getting worse.

Episode 23

Misaki going away, just a story or for real?
Looks like Satou is fine with crowds when she's around.
So she helped him to help herself.
Satou's reaction to that contract was childish.
In the end the circumstances forced him to get out  & work.
That was the best possible thing for him.
Still, it was a shame he lost Misaki.
That girl had it much worse than Satou.
The truth about her was finally revealed.

Episode 24 Final

What a complicated situation.
Who knew that compared to her Satou was just plain selfish.
She always looked like a well off girl who had it all.
Guess looks can be deceiving.
It was about time he did an awesome thing!
But then again his stupidity took over..
They both have a lot to learn and they make a perfect team.

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