Saturday, July 5, 2014

Current anime episodes comments - Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Crystal, Ark IX, Sword Art Online II, Shounen Hollywood, Aldnoah.Zero, One Piece, Haikyuu!!, Barakamon

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Crystal

Episode 1

I forgot how clumsy and loud Usagi was ^^
She's pretty much how I remember her.
So is everybody else..
It was nice to see them again.
Still, I think I've outgrown them.
It's a nice anime & have fun everyone.
I'm skipping it.

Ark IX


Great ova.
The story was interesting.
Characters were pretty cool.
Shame it's so short and the didn't make more.
Wish they made a proper anime.

Sword Art Online II

Episode 1

So SAO is now about GGO.
Guess it spread to cover any virtual game.
It was nice to see Kirito & Asuna together in the real world.
Looks like there are new problems in the virtual world.
Lots and lots of info, but really good foundation for the real start.
Good first episode.
Will be watching this.

Shounen Hollywood

Episode 1

Uta no Prince wannabe?
The characters are rather nice to look at.
Still, this is going straight to the boy band world.
At least they showed us what it looks like for real.
They definitely didn't romanticize the process.
I really appreciated that.
This has some possibilities.
Will give it a few more episodes before I decide.


Episode 1

This one looks interesting.
Story sounds intriguing.
The whole Earth-Mars-Vers thing has a lot of possibilities.
Hope they will make the story deeper & wider.
It could go in any direction.
The foundations have been laid.
The real start of the story was awesome!
The action has arrived.
I might give this one a few more episodes.

One Piece

Episode 652

Rebecca's time has come.
There is no way she could survive on her own or?
Cavendish was quite the gentleman.
He sure gave the audience a piece of his mind.
Still, he can be naive as well.
Block D fight has begun..
Law vs Doflamingo!
Kinda felt sorry for Law.
I seriously thought he was stronger than that.
Guess Doflamingo is the bigger monster after all.


Episode 14 

So Inter-high is approaching.
They're doing lots and lots of practicing.
Looks like there are lots of strong teams.
Karasuno will have a difficult, if not impossible task.
As they are right now, there is still a lot of room for improvement.
Other teams at Inter-high will punish every mistake.
It was nice to see glimpses of other teams.
Great episode!


Episode 1

A calligraphist with a temper.
The OP was good and the music suited it nicely.
Art looks nice as well.
Interesting how slice of lice somehow always has the best art.
Maybe that kid will be a good influence.
Looks like she already is starting to be.
Nice anime.
Might give this one a try.

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