Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Current anime episodes comments - Wild Adapter, Break Blade, Black Bullet, Hunter x Hunter, Naruto Shippuuden, Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin, Blade and Soul, Escha & Logy no Atelier

Wild Adater


Read the manga.
Was waiting to see this!
So far it's sticking to the plot.
Pretty much exactly sticking to it.
That doesn't make things very interesting for me.
Guess I totally spoiled it for myself with reading the manga.
Second half was a bit more exciting.
There's one more OVA of Wild Adapter left.
Hope it gets released soon.

Break Blade

Episode 1

Seen all six movies.
Really enjoyed them too.
Hope the anime will be at least equally good.
It was nice to see Rygart, Sigyn, Hodr, Zess and Cleo again ^^
A reject who turns out to be the savior, ironic right?
Guess that's the whole point.

Episode 2

Showing off with new mecha was a success.
Well, as much as it could've been for his first time.
Friends on different sides of the war.
Repairing that friendship is not gonna be easy...
Cleo is the most fun character, while Zess is the most serious one.
That guy needs to relax a bit.
New mecha is gonna come in handy.
Rygart just needs to learn how to use it right.

Black Bullet

Episode 2

Pretty intense episode.
First part was really interesting.
It's nice they have a mission now ^^
Not just running around aimlessly.
I like this anime more and more!
Things got a nice twist with Enju as well.

Hunter x Hunter

Episode 125

Gon is scary awesome in his ultra serious mode.
He read the situation perfectly.
Pitou was visibly concerned.
She quickly realized what needs to be done.
The dramatic action towards the episode end was awesome!
Still, he's gonna need bigger "guns" to deal with the King.
His next attack just got the king pissed off..
Can't wait to see that fight continue!

Naruto Shippuuden

Episode 359

Teen Itachi.
He certainly looked older to me.
Still, it's good to finally see how things worked in Uchiha clan.
His double (or is it triple agent) role was not an easy one.
After seeing this little of his life, I kinda feel sorry for him.
It explains a lot of his behavior later on.
Itachi sure cut all ties with his family (except the one he really cared about).
Sasuke was the lucky one, but still ended up following his brothers footsteps.
In the end, it felt like Sasuke's fate was Itachi's punishment.
Somewhere along the way things got seriously twisted.

Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin

Episode 2

Yama seems to be getting along better with Nanana now.
More girls (and other stuff) appeared this time.
Hope it doesn't turn into a harem...
I'm only watching this because of the treasure quest part.
Maids on that island are truly scary creatures.
Plot seems to be moving forward with adventure part.
It would be nice if they did a lot of adventuring around the island.
Looks like that part is just getting started in great way!

Blade and Soul

Episode 3

That bounty made things a bit more challenging.
Lots of competition...
I really like Alka as a character, but the story isn't that good.
She's walking around aimlessly and everyone is taking advantage of her.
The main story isn't very clear.
I feel like they wasted her character in this anime.
Doubt even fan service can save it.
Dropping it.

Escha & Logy no Atelier

Episode 2

Introducing other new characters.
So far mostly girls..
I don't mind as much since this is a clean fantasy anime.
It's nice to watch something like that after a long time.
Their little adventures might not be glamorous, but they are interesting.
Somehow I get the feeling the emphasis is more on characters & alchemy.
Escha might not be the bravest girl, but I like her pure heart & curiosity.
Logy seems more cautious and kinda reserved.
Guess he'll relax a bit over time ^^
Nice episode!

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