Friday, February 21, 2014

Current anime episodes comments - Mahou Sensou, Log Horizon, Space Brothers, Kuroko's Basketball 2, One Piece, Magi 2, Noragami, Nobunaga the Fool

Magical Warfare

Episode 7

I was thinking of dropping it, but I'm gonna watch it till the end.
Still hoping things will get much much better from now on.
This could've been an amazing anime, but they obviously made some bad choices.
Takeshi was acting all weird this time.
Guess his new weapon is having some side effects.
He got into his head some pretty ludicrous ideas.
This was a rather weird episode, yet strangely interesting.

Log Horizon

Episode 21

That celebration seemed a bit premature.
At least the relationship between people of the land and adventures is improving.
Things are looking very optimistic.
Although I think it's just a calm before the storm.
Rudy sure was enjoying his place under the spotlight.
Relaxing episode with the aftermath of previous events.

Space Brothers

Episode 95

Guess this time the focus is on Betty.
It was nice to find out more about her.
Flashbacks were interesting enough.
The tragedy changed her quite a bit.
It was also nice to see Pico again ^^

Kuroko's Basketball 2

Episode 20

Seirin vs Nakamiya South.
They seemed to be off their game this time.
Hyuga did a really nice motivational speech.
That got things going once again.
The game with Yosen will be really hard.
Hope Tetsu's learning how to shoot will help in this game.
Wonder what kind of strategies is Seirin gonna come up with.

One Piece

Episode 634

That self-absorbed blondie could be dangerous.
Seems like he has a serious grudge towards Luffy.
The new female character Rebecca looks like she has potential.
It's rare to see Luffy scared and concerned.
Guess winning this thing is not gonna be as easy as he thought.
Now even the Navy got involved.
Guess they had some dangerous undercover guys.
That should make things interesting.

Magi 2

Episode 20

Aladdin pulled his ace and saved the day.
One enemy at a time..
It would've been nice if Leam was the only threat.
It was nice to see Alibaba again.
Scheherazade even made an appearance, cool.
Wow, even she had a very interesting secret.
That little pow-wow in a boat was best part of this episode.
This anime just keeps getting better!


Episode 8

Yato got a weird request this time.
It started as weird and turned out to be rather serious.
Yukine is still being very problematic.
At this rate there is no way it won't end badly.
I was surprised Yukine would despise someone like himself.
Seems like he's missing being a normal school boy.
He is definitely resenting not being able to have that life.
Guess he finally snapped...
I'm glad that at least their case ended up well.
Things are looking really bad for Yato.

Nobunaga the Fool

Episode 7

Damn, what drama.
Things certainly took a turn for the worst fast.
Guess Nobunaga's recent behavior had something to do with the whole ordeal.
Playing who's who to find the culprit, wonder how long it'll take.
I  was surprised to see Nobunaga ask first and not blindly attack.
At least Shingen's is predictable in his thoughts and honest with his intentions.
Might even go so far as to call him noble.
It's actually fun to realize how similar those are ^^
Caesar sure made a mess of things.
That spineless, lying, backstabbing bastard.
Can't wait to see what'll happen next.

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