Monday, February 17, 2014

Current anime episodes comments - Buddy Complex, Yowamushi Pedal, Hamatora, Tokyo Ravens, Hunter x Hunter, Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha., Naruto Shippuuden, Kill la Kill

Buddy Complex

Episode 7

Out of sync problems.
It's certainly taking its toll.
They totally overemphasized the whole thing.
Felt like they were just stretching the plot.
For an anime like this, there is an obvious lack of action.
Seems like they put in action only a few short minutes per episode.
I want to see more about Hina - Aoba story.
They just ditched that, at least for now. Maybe next time..

Yowamushi Pedal

Episode 19

Onoda back to being his goofy self ^^
It's a nice change after all that seriousness at the camp.
Wow, all that training payed off to benefit other areas of life ^^
Makeup lessons mood was kinda LOL
It's nice Onoda finally got his jersey.
He's also starting to feel pressure of expectations.
Their captain is awesome.
He knows exactly what to say to provide encouragement.
Guess that's why he's captain, right?
Really good episode.


Episode 7

Yay for the main story!
Was about time they started to put more of it.
Art's history took the spotlight this time.
It was interesting to find out more about him.
That white haired freak is pretty obnoxious.
What's with those pointy teeth; a pretty obvious villain.
Art was a pretty cool guy, what a shame.

Tokyo Ravens

Episode 19

Looks like most of them are missing the obvious with Natsume.
I don't get why they are forcing Natsume-as-a-boy thing.
Doubt it would have much of an impact if she'd come out.
Natsume and Harutora seem to be trouble magnets.
It was nice that the girls smoothed things over..

Hunter x Hunter

Episode 117

Knuckle playing tag with Youpi.
That is one dangerous game.
Shoot sure was in a pitiful state. Poor guy.
Stressed out Youpi going boom, cool.
Hope Knuckle will put that knowledge to good use next time.
There weren't any specific fights this time, just bits and pieces.
Maybe next time we'll see Gon fight.

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.

Episode 6

Inari got herself into yet another mess.
Nice save Inari!
I was surprised to see how much she has grown.
It was nice that Maru & Sumizome finally found common ground ^^
I really didn't like seeing those two act all awkward.
Looks like Inari's brother is starting to accept Uka ^^
Is there a romance brewing? LOL
Really nice episode.

Naruto Shippuuden

Episode 351

*sigh* wish they would show Kakashi's face.
They never ever did that...
Guess that's the biggest mystery of this anime LOL
I like these fillers with Kakashi's point of view.
Somehow, he makes things more interesting.
Good episode.

Kill la Kill

Episode 19

The attack of Covers.
Things got pretty messed up fast.
Ryuko got faced with an unexpected truth.
Sometimes, the things you fight the most are those you can never escape.
The future doesn't look very bright right now.
So the story of Ryuko is finally revealed.
Next episode should be the bomb!
Can't wait to see more action ^^

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