Friday, February 14, 2014

Current anime episodes comments - Magical Warfare, Kill la Kill, Log Horizon, Space Brothers, Kuroko's Basketball 2, One Piece, Noragami, Witch Craft Works

Magical Warfare

Episode 6

Looks like Oigami is not that bad of a guy.
Tsuganashi & Mui drama continues...
It sure was fun watching Momoka fight.
I'm always interested in a quality fights.
Yet somehow, they still have a bad habit of talking too much during fights.
Takeshi was giving his contribution to fights too.
Damn, this episode sure didn't lack action.
It's actually quite nice for a change.
Hope the story continues along these lines.

Kill la Kill

Episode 18

Satsuki's rebellion, nice!
Her mom truly is a monster.
Wish Matoi would get back the other half of the scissors.
The short flashback was interesting.
Didn't think Matoi would become mom's slave.
It's good it was only a short thing.
Satsuki was really cool this time.
Shame her mom is such a tough cookie.
Damn, things are gonna get seriously intense.

Log Horizon

Episode 20

Another HP, MP explanation session.
For those who didn't get it the first time.
Wonder if we'll see more of Krusty - Princess relationship.
That would be a really nice romance.
Shiroe saved the day again.
Well, at least he saved Rundel. I'm glad he did.
Rudy sure got a rare privilege.
This should get people of the land to warm up a bit.
Wow, the magic was just awesome!
That sure is a lot of power and a big responsibility.
Elder Tale is so much more than a game now.
Great episode!

Space Brothers

Episode 94

The focus shifts to Mutta.
His team mates are some pretty unique people.
It's gonna be interesting seeing them work together.
At the moment, I just can't see them as astronauts at all.
Hopefully, Eddie will be able to make a team out of them.

Kuroko's Basketball 2

Episode 19

Wtf Kagami?!
So the team finally got some off time.
They sure earned to relax a bit and gather their strength.
Lesson of the day: Don't eat the manager's food.
So back to Kagami's surprise!
Who knew Alex was a girl, interesting surprise.
The kissing thing was fun ^^
Flashbacks were interesting.
Can't wait to see how much Kuroko will learn from Aomine.
Really good episode.

One Piece

Episode 633

Franky's interrogation style was LOL
Sanji was totally overreacting to that girl.
Luffy/Lucy - the choice of name was just hilarious.
He sure showed those guys who's really weak.
Damn, this arc should be a blast.
Especially the colosseum part.
There sure is a lot of competition for that fruit.
Luffy sure was enjoying himself.


Episode 7

Veena definitely holds a grudge.
Yato & Yukine relationship is still seriously impaired.
That Nora girl is just causing trouble between those two.
She's trying to poison Yukine so Yato would drop him.
Hiyori sure had a hard task.
Really good episode.
I have a feeling this anime is getting even better.

Witch Craft Works

Episode 7

Kagari sure had an interesting bunch in her room.
They seemed pretty ungrateful though.
Has Ayaka gone to the dark side?
She has gone way too far to protect Takamiya.
Those two have gotten themselves in serious trouble.
Interesting episode, yet slightly weird.

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