Friday, February 28, 2014

Current anime episodes comments - Kill la Kill, Mahou Sensou, Log Horizon, Uchuu Kyoudai, Kuroko's Basketball 2, One Piece, Noragami, Magi 2

Kill la Kill

Episode 20

Mako was LOL again.
That girl is just awesome!!
Quitting/giving up just doesn't exist for her.
Looks like now everyone is naked.
Just where is this anime going?! ROFL
Yup, Ryuko is out of control and this time without Senketsu.
It's nice to see she has her own strength.
Satsuki joined the nudist beach, kinda funny, yet expected.
Ryuko in Junketsu, the worst possible situation.
How things have changed in such little time..

Mahou Sensou

Episode 8

Gekkou has arrived to stir things up.
That was pretty much obvious from the get go.
His obviously fake apology felt forced.
Takeshi's prophetic dreams are spot on.
He should go with his gut feeling about Gekkou.
The history lesson was interesting.
Hopefully, the story will get more intense soon.

Log Horizon

Episode 22

The unavoidable festival time is upon us.
What would anime be without at least one of those?
Shiroe is always a busy little bee.
His break time with Akatsuki was kinda cute ^^
That girl totally has a thing for him.
Looks like she just got some competition in the form of Minori.
That's one "date" Shiroe won't forget for sure!
Relaxing episode.

Uchuu Kyoudai

Episode 96

Everyone doing their own thing.
Was nice to see Nitta and Kenji again.
Mutta was having fun ^^
Things are looking up for those two as well.
Kenji becoming a dad again ^^
Seems like only good news in this episode.
Really nice episode!

Kuroko's Basketball 2

Episode 20

The challenging game continues..
Those tall Yosen players were so much trouble.
Kiyoshi showed a pretty nice skill.
They're gonna need much more if they plan on winning.
It was just awesome watching Kuroko shoot.
He is full of amazing and unexpected surprises.
Kiyoshi, Kuroko, Kagami & Hyuga played in harmony.
It was really pleasant watching that.
I was surprised to see Kuroko benched.
Don't know if that was a smart move at this time.
Guess we'll see how it goes in the next episode.

One Piece

Episode 635

Bellamy and Luffy had an interesting talk.
Lots of dangerous people emerged this time.
Good thing Luffy's crew wore disguises.
It's pretty amazing Zoro was still after that thief.
Seems like all of them had some kind of trouble coming their way.
This episode was too chopped up.
Just had too many jumps from scene to scene.
It was kinda hard to keep up with what was happening.



Cherry blossoms and high school enrollment.
It was fun watching Yato body snatch her.
He was totally rampaging around school.
Poor Hiyori ^^"
That "joke" was so not funny to her.
The soccer game was epic!
Yato totally has a talent for it.
Very fun OVA ^^

Magi 2

Episode 21

Seems like Mogamett was pretty popular in his younger days.
They keep reminding us traumatized he is by the past.
Guess his younger self and his present self are 2 completely different people.
Honestly, it's just sad.
The second part was more action filled.
Magnoshutatt just can't seem to get a break from war.
First Leam and now Kou empire..
OMG! Alibaba was just amazing!
He accomplished so much and became a well rounded character.
The same goes for Aladdin as well.
Seems like now they finally became what they were supposed to be.


Episode 9

Yukine sure made a mess of things.
I was surprised he didn't care about Yato's condition at all.
Daikoku was pretty impressive.
Eve though he didn't like Yato, he did his best to help.
Glad the important ones came to help Yato & Yukine.
Things got very intense for a while there.
Yukine sure was full of resentment and jealousy.
He is just such a kid who played tough all the time.
I just love that silly trio <3
This was the best episode so far!

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