Thursday, February 6, 2014

Current anime episodes comments - Kill la Kill, Magical Warfare, Log Horizon, Uchuu Kyoudai, Kuroko's Basketball 2, One Piece, Noragami, Nobunaga the Fool, Magi 2

Kill la Kill

Episode 17

So the fight trip is over..
Doubt they're gonna have a normal celebration.
It was nice to listen to Ryuko's heart-to-heart with Senketsu.
The story of kamui's slowly unraveling.
Mako's family is as crazy as she is LOL
Satsuki's mom was the most dangerous person.
The sudden change of power at the top was a surprise.
Never saw that coming, what a twist to the story!

Magical Warfare

Episode 5

Magical exam, interesting stuff!
Something weird was definitely going on.
Seems like the higher ups are covering something up.
I'm so not surprised by that.
Trailers sure made things more interesting.
Takeshi and his sword were very cool.
Looks like Kurumi has some real feelings for Takeshi.
All that pretending lead straight to real feelings.

Log Horizon

Episode 19

Let the war begin!
Finally some action.
It was about time too, after all those preparations.
Thought they were gonna skip the strategizing.
Guess I was wrong about that.
Still, that wasn't much of a surprise.
Rudy sure stepped up; impressive, but such a shame.
Great episode!

Uchuu Kyoudai

Episode 93

It was nice to see Sharon again.
Her telescope dream might just become reality.
Mutta seems to be enjoying his new training.
The rest was all about flashbacks to the past.
Brian and Eddie history.
Nothing special this time.

Kuroko's Basketball 2

Episode 18

Kagami & Aomine, what a showdown!
I'm surprised he was able to reach Aomine's level.
Seems like Aomine finally met his match.
It was nice to see the shock on Aomine's face.
Sure was an amazing change of pace.
Desperate moves really pushed me towards the edge this time.
Geez, the intensity of this game was amazing.
It was weird seeing Aomine act like a normal person.
Such a close win. Can't wait to see their next game.
Great episode.

One Piece

Episode 632

Donflamingo sure made a nice trap for Luffy.
Ace's flare-flare fruit is not gonna be easy to get.
Sanji was LOL, he just can't resist a beautiful woman.
OMG, that fool is so gonna get stabbed *facepalm*
There is no hope for him at all *sigh*
Looks like this was just a groundwork episode.
Can't wait to see the colosseum action.


Episode 6

Yukine seems to be scarred by the events of the previous episode.
His relationship with Yato needs some repairing as well.
He seems to have strayed off the path of righteousness.
Hiyori trying to cover for him wasn't a good idea.
New trouble poped up practically out of nowhere.
Well, past always comes to collect...
I wonder about that Nora.
Hopefully we'll learn more about it soon.

Nobunaga the Fool

Episode 6

Things are not looking good for Oda clan.
Nobunaga was grieving in his own unique way.
Always such a rebel...
If he continues like this he's gonna have an uprising on his hands.
He's going to push everyone away with his behavior.
Guess he's too macho to show his true feelings to anyone.
The ending of the episode was a shocker!
So much unnecessary loss..

Magi 2

Episode 19

This anime's quality certainly improved.
It's gotten more serious and a lot more interesting.
Those red haired soldiers were quite resilient.
Who knew they had magical weapons too.
Aladdin finally blew his cover.
Damn, that was one epic cover blowing O.O
He really came through for Magnoshutatt.
Great episode!

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