Sunday, December 22, 2013

Current anime episodes comments - One Piece, Magi 2, Gingitsune, Yowamushi Pedal, Hunter x Hunter, Tokyo Ravens, Coppelion

One Piece

Episode 626

The midnight attack was intense.
New enemies just keep popping up.
But so do old friends ^^
It was nice to see/remember past events.
That Breed looks like a problematic enemy.
Things sure are becoming interesting.

Magi - Kingdom of Magic

Episode 12

Kou empire takes the spotlight.
Hakuryu changed. Wonder if it's just for show.
Ah, the life at court..
Sounds nice, but it never is.
All of them are always plotting and planning ahead.
Always wanting more power and more land to conquer.
This was totally about hierarchy at court.
I like more active episodes though..
Hope Hakuryu won't cross to the dark side.


Episode 12 Final

It's nice that they chose a festival as a final episode.
Everyone seemed to be having fun ^^
It was nice to learn something new about a life at a shrine.
I really enjoyed watching this anime and am sad it's over.
It was relaxing, warm and just really nice.
Doubt they'll make another season of it, but still, it was great.

Yowamushi Pedal

Episode 12

Training camp time!
Onoda was totally ROFL with his motion sickness.
That kid really is hopeless sometimes..
It's always nice to see new characters ^^
That Manami looks like a great guy.
Damn, their training regime is pretty brutal.
Well, if it gives them results..

Hunter x Hunter

Episode  110

The plot is certainly moving forward.
It's weird that King has an identity crisis.
Something is definitely going on with him.
Komugi must have triggered some kind of change inside him.
Seems like he's growing emotionally.
Hm... so even the palace has its weak spots.
Guess it's impossible to monitor every single corner of the place.
Hunters are making big plans, but they're still just plans.
Can't wait for the action to start!

Tokyo Ravens

Episode 12

Training camp...
They just can't seem to get rid of Suzuka *sigh*
Touji is an interesting guy.
He sure knows how to get what he wants.
I'm glad someone finally managed to play Sakura.
Seems like everyone's stronger than Harutora ^^"
He's such a clueless guy too.
Blind to the truth that's been staring him in the face for so long..


Episode 13 Final

I really really dislike the Ozu sisters.
Kanon truly was the crazier one of the two.
Well, at least they crammed all the action into final episode.
Lots of emotions this time.
Yet again, not much of a surprise though.
Seems like Naruse put those two into place.
Although, it's more like they put themselves there.
Guess Ozu sisters aren't just crazy, at least not all the time ^^
Nice, happy end, as expected.

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