Friday, December 13, 2013

Current anime episodes comments - Naruto Shippuuden, Kill la Kill, Outbreak Company, Log Horizon, Space Brothers, Kuroko's Basketball 2

Naruto Shippuuden

Episode 342

Action filled episode!
Finally some more serious Naruto action.
It's rare to see Kakashi's plan fail.
Guess he's smart enough to rectify his previous attempts.
Still it's epic seeing Naruto, Kakashi & Guy fight as a team.
Looks like this masked mystery man has a lot to do with Kakashi and the past.
Can't wait to for the next episode to come out!

Kill la Kill

Episode 11

Ryuko still at it.
that Jakuzure sure loved to put on a show..
Mako was as jumpy as usual ^^
So far Matoi is pretty much unstoppable.
Sanageyama fight got a bit sidetracked.
A whole bunch of new characters was suddenly introduced.
Looks like this bunch is much more dangerous than those from school.
An important, shocking revelation came out!
Can't wait to watch next episode.

Outbreak Company

Episode 11

The kids seem to be really into anime/manga.
So the school is a big success.
Looks like there are some talented kids in that school.
Elbia is very talented too.
Seems like a serious problem is on the loose.
Everyone was acting weird and suffering from withdrawal effects.
Darn, I totally forgot the government was doing this..
Of course they'd have an ulterior motives.
This cultural invasion is going perfectly so far.
The ugly side of this mission just surfaced and it's horrible.
Guess I was as fooled as he was, but things were too good to be true so far.
Shinichi is playing a dangerous game with that government guy..

Log horizon

Episode 11

Summer training camp...
That Shiroe really has the smartest ideas ^^
Let me see if I got this right.
People of the land are NPCs, but they are aware of everything almost like normal players.
So the longer the game is going on, the more the NPCs became aware.
They seem to be evolving.
Don't get why they started considering players as a threat.
It's probably due to some of the rouge players attitudes..
Anyway, things are starting to heat up slowly.

Space Brothers

Episode 86

It was nice to see Mutta getting high praises.
his engineering skills really do come in handy.
Well, it's good they're back on dry land.
That makes them one step closer to the moon.
Hibito on the other hand is stuck doing trivial safety supervisor stuff.
He really needs to snap out of his phobia and make it fast.
So far it's looking good ^^

Kuroko's Basketball 2

Episode 11

Hyuga got some of the spotlight this time.
He had been taking the whole Teppei situation really badly.
I loved every second of Kuroko's passes.
Those Kirisaki guys are the worst team ever.
Seems like they can play after all, without the dirty tricks.
But nothing can beat an angry Kuroko ^^
Finally, the game of torture has ended!!
Seems all the games so far were just an introduction.
The real deal is just around the corner.

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