Saturday, December 28, 2013

Current anime episodes comments - Log Horizon, Space Dandy, Kuroko's Basketball 2, Zetsumetsu Kigu Shoujo: Amazing Twins, Buddy Complex, Witch Craft Works

Log Horizon

Episode 13

After watching episodes like this it always makes me think.
Damn, why does this anime have 25 episodes right off the bat.
The plot seems too stretched.
They could've done a 12 or 13 episode season to see how it'd go.
So far, I wouldn't watch another season of this.
It's mostly debates, strategies and very, very little fights.
The only bright thing this time were the princess and her megane guy ^^
The rest was pretty much useless and boring, except the very end of episode.
Maybe things will be more promising next time.

Space Dandy

Episode 1

Seriously, what is this?
The animations is pretty good.
Sadly, that's the only good thing about it.
The rest is more like mindless fun.
Well, if you're really bored...
Don't know if I'm gonna watch this.
Have to see what else is out there..

Kuroko's Basketball 2


Well, that's an interesting break from basketball.
It was really fun to find out how good/bad they are at school.
Most of them weren't a surprise, but the coach sure was!
Looks like Kagami was pretty much hopeless..
This was a fun OVA ^^

Zetsumetsu Kigu Shoujo: Amazing Twins

Episode 1

Well, the opening was action filled.
After that the plot took a dive until another action part.
The animation is pretty good though.
It's just that this kind of anime in not my thing.
Just feels kinda too childish for me.

Buddy Complex

Episode 1

I like how the characters look.
Seems like a nice romance is brewing slowly too.
It kept me glue to the screen and that's rare.
This anime looks very promising.
I'm gonna give it a try.

Witch Craft Works

Episode 1

The animation is awesome.
Colors are really vivid and the characters look good.
The story is unusual, but very fun!
Kept me glued to the screen the entire time.
I'm definitely watching this ^^

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