Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Anime Movies - Hal The Movie

A sad beginning of a very interesting story. Both characters had a lot to overcome. One persistent and optimistic and the other stubborn and very closed. Unusual circumstances brought them together. 
It was really sweet watching Q01 learn how to be Hal. For a robot a human is complicated enough and when they have to learn emotions, it's even harder. I really admired Hal of his effortless efforts. His intentions were genuine and pure. He had the advantage of not being burdened by Hal's past. In that way he could become the Hal real Hal never had a chance of becoming. He became the Hal Kurumi always wanted to have. Shame the ugly past came to take its toll and burst the bubble of fantasy.
The animation was really nice. I like the way the characters were made. Not sloppy and old school, but modern and with great detail. The backgrounds were really nicely done as well. I would say they didn't hold back on the funds for this anime movie.
Hal is an amazing anime movie with a very interesting revelation near the end. The turn of events really surprised me. Until that very moment I too was sucked into the fantasy of their relationship. Don't miss this one!

Genres: romance

A man named Hal dies in a plane accident, and his girlfriend Kurumi loses the will to live. To open her heart and help her move on, a robot named Q01, designed to look and act like Hal, is sent to her house. Though reluctant at first, Kurumi slowly becomes fond of the robot Hal, as Robo Hal begins to uncover parts of Hal and Kurumi's past.

Running time: 50 minutes
Director: Ryoutarou Makihara
Screenplay: Izumi Kizara
Music: Michiru Oshima
Animation Production: Wit Studio
2013 Hal Production Committee
Pony Canyon
Production I.G
Shochiku Co., Ltd.

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