Sunday, December 15, 2013

Current anime episodes comments - One Piece, Magi 2, Gingitsune, Yowamushi Pedal, Hunter x Hunter, Tokyo Ravens, Kyoukai no Kanata, Coppelion

One Piece

Episode 625

Aokiji vs Doflamingo!
Smoker got lucky this time.
It was totally LOL seeing Momonosuke's father's reaction to his dragon form.
Well, it's always nice seeing Caesar get punched ^^
Wow, the crazy weather in New World never ceases to surprise me.
Tour of the ship was really nice. It's been a while seen they showed it.
This was the most entertaining episode in a while ^^
I really missed those. Hope they'll put fun episodes more often.

Magi - Kingdom of Magic

Episode 11

Aladdin studying magic in Magnoshutatt.
Alibaba training in Leam Empire.
Morgiana visiting her homeland (the Dark Continent).
So far they have been pretty much successful with slight hiccups.
Interesting how you can run into friends in most unexpected places.
Morgiana's adventure seems promising.
An interesting encounter in the middle of nowhere looked suspicious.
The new character, Yunan, gave her a hard choice..
Hakuryu doesn't look like an innocent young boy anymore.
Looks like a lot has changed and not only his personality.


Episode 11

Tatsuo & Gin hanging out, kinda lol
Makoto was burdened by her possible future occupation of choice.
The flashbacks were nice.
They finally decided to give us some insight into Makoto's family.
Shame they introduced Takami this late in the anime.
He looks like a fun character with some interesting romantic possibilities.
Preparations for the cleansing festival were nice ^^
It's sad that there is only one episode left...
Wish this anime had at least a double season.

Yowamushi Pedal

Episode 11

Naruko sure is one of a kind.
He's definitely not a quitter.
It's nice they gave us some racing this time.
Preliminaries were very interesting.
Looks like the Sohoku upperclassmen are pretty strong.
At least Naruko and Imaizumi got motivated ^^
Can't wait to see them perform at the Inter-high!

Hunter x Hunter

Episode 109

Lots of preparations...
And lots of possible strategies.
Things are getting pretty intense.
The selection part should be very interesting.
Seems this was just an intro episode for the main event.
Can't wait to see next episode!

Tokyo Ravens

Episode 11

What's with the mid season school life drama?
Suzuka was using those two to the bone..
I was just surprised they let her do it for so long.
Kon was pretty funny to watch this time.
A very silly episode..
Well, it least I had a few laughs this time ^^

Kyoukai no Kanata

Episode 12 Final

It was just awesome watching Kuriyama & Akihito fight as a team.
They make a nice team and a cute couple ^^
Still, it's a shame the couple part didn't have more time.
The epic final fight was just awesome!
Akihito was very impressive.
Looks like there were more than just one.
Izmui finally dealt with her past as well.
Very nice final episode.


Episode 12

So crybaby Aoi could be useful after all.
The all mighty Ozu sister never seem to give up.
It's a shame they don't play well with other.
I guess every anime has to have villains..
Seems like this time all hell broke loose.
Things got pretty complicated and intense too.

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