Sunday, February 3, 2013

One Piece, Space Brothers, Hunter x Hunter

One Piece

Episode 582

Franky sure was popular with the kids.
So were the others in their own way..
Usopp was rather useful this time.
It's been a while since he was in the spotlight.
Damn, those kids really played the sympathy rescued card well.
No one could have walked away from that.

Space Brothers

Episode 43

So they showed us some stuff about Hibito from the past.
The process of learning and training.
Finding Brian on the moon was nice.
Everyone was desperate as the last few minutes of air were running out.
It was lucky that air generator showed up in the last moment.

Hunter x Hunter 

Episode 65

So the phantom troupe arrive on Greed Island by boat.
Looks like it really is a real island.
I like that Razor guy. He seems very strong.
The spell card he used was pretty cool too.
Gon still training. Killua went back to the real world.
So they know about the Bomber now as well.

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