Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Japan Shopping - Uta no Prince and Code: Breaker collectibles

I really went all out with this shopping thing. This is the most frequent Japan shopping spree I ever had. LOL
This time I got mostly Uta no Prince stuff and one Code: Breaker collectible. From Uta no Prince I got Sho Kurusu mini mini alarm clock, Sho Kurusu microfiber mini towel, Ichinose Tokiya and Otoya Ittoki door plates. From Code: Breaker I got Toki microfiber mini towel. 
I must admit all the items look way cooler in person than they do in a web shop. The most surprising were the door plates since they are really big, way bigger than I thought they would be. Mini towels are really cute and so is the chibi alarm clock. I'm really happy I got these items because they're amazing collectibles. 

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