Sunday, February 17, 2013

Current anime episodes comments - One Piece, Space Brothers, Hunter x Hunter, Bakuman 3

One Piece

Episode 585

So Nami, Chopper and the kids make a run for it.
Well, outside was worse than inside.
Frozen cave/tunnel was a really scary place.
Smoker had his own problems...
Franky the tank was pretty LOL
Everyone's problems seem to be multiplying.

Space Brothers

Episode 45

Others impressions and proud moments about Mutta and Hibito.
After all those excitements, this was a pretty relaxed episode.
Lots of flashbacks too.
So Mutta finally got his official uniform ^^
Looks like it's time to continue with their training.

Hunter x Hunter

Episode 67

Genthru and his crew collecting cards.
Those guys are really keen on getting all of them fast.
Gon and Killua are collecting cards pretty vigorously as well.
Their tactics to swap Leave cards for the ones they need is a good idea.
It was nice of them to save those villagers and profitable too.
Teaming up to get Patch of Shore, hope it will be a smart thing.

Bakuman 3

Episode 20

Hiramaru was acting weird as usual, just a bit braver.
He really is lucky Aoki likes him too.
The amusement park date was really nice.
OMG!!! She actually accepted the proposal! I'm glad for them ^^
Seems like more and more of them are getting paired up.
Well, at least Vol. 1 is selling pretty good, but not as well as Zombie Gun.
Niizuma really likes those two.
Guess 'cause he considers them true rivals.
Looks like Reversi could be getting an anime soon.

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