Sunday, February 10, 2013

Current anime episodes comments - One Piece, Space Brothers, Hunter x Hunter

One Piece

Episode 584

Marines pushing their way into the island.
Luffy's crew dealing with Brownbeard and other centaurs.
Nami's crew rescuing the kids.
Brook dealing with pieces of the samurai.
Smoker's crew met Trafalgar Law, that made them scared.
This sure is one crazy island in every way.

Space Brothers

Episode 44

Brian-03 saved him in his last moments.
Azuma and JAXA were on the same page about their predictions.
The flashbacks were good.
It was nice watching Mutta feeling relieved.
Reunion with other astronauts was touching.
Short flashback from Brian's childhood was nice.

Hunter x Hunter

Episode 66

Killua bouncing around.
He passed hunter's exam without a sweat.
It was just too easy for him.
Now that he's back on Greed Island new adventures will follow.
Using Chrollo's name in the game made tensions rise.
I still don't quite get how those spells work since it's not a game, but reality.

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