Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Japan Shopping - Uta no Prince clock & Beelzebub mug

Today was the day that my package arrived from Japan. The stubborn postman didn't want to bring it to my house, so I had to go to the post office to get it myself. That was kinda annoying, but it was totally worth it! After I unpacked the items from the tricky box I was thrilled to finally have them in my hands.
This time I got Uta no Prince mini mini alarm clock Otoya Ittoki and Beelzebub Aoi Kunieda & Hildegarde mug cup. I love both of them, especially the chibi alarm clock. It's so small, cute and adorable, but also very functional. I like that it's made of metal and not plastic because it feels more real somehow. If it was made out of plastic it would be like a toy. It comes packed in the original retail box with a button battery and instruction manual. Anyway, it's amazing and a great collectible item!
The other thing I bought is Beelzebub mug cup with Aoi Kunieda and Hildegarde. It's made by COSPA, 9cm in height and 8cm in diameter. The mug is white with pictures of Aoi and Hildegarde doing their usual thing; Aoi with her trademark wooden sword and Hildegarde with her sun umbrella.
Check out the pictures!

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