Sunday, January 27, 2013

Current anime episodes comments - One Piece, Space Brothers, Hunter x Hunter, Bakuman 3

One Piece

Episode 582

That head was rather rude.
Franky really is useful sometimes ^^
This time he was especially useful.
Each of the groups had their own adventures.
Just on the opposites sides of the island.
There are some weird things happening on that island.

Space Brothers

Episode 42

Tough times for Hibito and Damian.
Mutta's hunch was right on. Good for him.
Flashback to childhood was nice.
Hibito's quick thinking and cool head may have saved the day!
Guess we'll see next time.

Hunter x Hunter

Episode 64

Looks like those two learned a lot.
They even gained some monster cards as well.
Bisky has proven to be an excellent teacher.
Lots of new stuff got introduced as well.
This new arc looks very promising.

Bakuman 3

Episode 17

Iwase going through a crisis of her own..
An intervention was badly needed.
Luckily others teamed up and led her towards the right path.
Seems like there were some changes in the editorial department as well.
Flashbacks were nice.
Looks like both Niizuma and Ashirogi Muto are starting new manga.
The interesting thing is they're having similar ideas. Both going for something different.

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