Saturday, May 2, 2015

Current anime episodes comments - Fairy Tail, Re-Kan!, Owari no Seraph, Uta no Prince-sama Revolutions, Plastic Memories, Kekkai Sensen, One Piece, World Trigger

Fairy Tail

Episode 56

It was hard to not notice the long recap.
Hopefully it won't turn into a habit for them.
Gray was even better than ever!
Being in kid form didn't bother him one bit.
Others, on the other hand, were glad to be back in their true form.
Looks like Flare is gonna tag along for a while..
Natsu & Gray seem more mature in this arc.
Wonder if it's gonna last..


Episode 5

Inoue really is a scaredy cat LOL
Cultural festival time!
It's funny how Amami's dad & Inoue are alike ROFL
So her mom is the one with sixth sense..
Their haunted house was a booming success thanks to the ghosts!
Inoue & Amami's dad really enjoyed a whole bunch of fear ROFL
Great episode.

Owari no Seraph

Episode 5

Guren sure has an interesting attitude.
Kinda reminds me of Yu, but a bit mature.
Birds of a feather flock together..
Mika has to deal with his past life being over.
And Yu has to deal with school stuff.
His lack of education is showing..
Still, he & his friends manged to get a tryout for the Black Demon Series.
Guess we'll see how it went next time..

Uta no Prince-sama Revolutions

Episode 5

Syo, Ren and Cecil in 2nd phase of promotions.
Time for a smartphone commercial.
Each new job brings them closer to Triple S and their goal.
All three of them had their own idea for a theme..
Of course that meant problems.
Haruka brought them together with a song... nice!

Plastic Memories

Episode 5

Fake retriver kidnapped Marcia.
It was a pain running around looking for her.
Things got pretty serious fast too.
Working with R.Security didn't sit well with some of them.
First time seeing a Wanderer... creepy & scary, dangerous too.
No wonder they have to collest Giftias before the time runs out.

Kekkai Sensen

Episode 5

Zapp & Leo just love to fight ^^"
They seem to be trouble magnets too..
The car eating monster was pretty persistent.
Leo always somehow gets captured *facepalm*
That Hummer sure was popular with all girls.
Aligura was especially keen to get her guy back.
Well, that kinda backfired..
So Leo has a girl he likes... how sweet ^^

One Piece

Episode 691

Lots of fighting this time!
A lot of scene jumping too.
They were pretty much all over the place.
Cavendish & Luffy.. they sure were mad.
Kin'emon's friend came in handy with his interesting powers.

World Trigger

Episode 28

One black cloaked guy down.
The crazy one of them actually stormed the Border HQ.
Damn, that guy is really something to try that.
The old one was pretty clever.
Our team is lucky to have Jin's side effect!

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