Saturday, May 9, 2015

Current anime episodes comments - Fairy Tail, Re-Kan!, Seraph of the End, Uta no Prince-sama Revolutions, Plastic Memories, Kekkai Sensen, One Piece, World Trigger

Fairy Tail

Episode 57

That weird giant bird was persistent.
Gray's attempt to melt the ice went a little sideways.
Natsu went all out with the bird.
His overdoing it actually saved the day.
The talk with the Atlas Flame dragon was interesting.
Finally... the village melted.
Looks like new challenges are ahead.


Episode 6

From summer to Christmas in a flash.. wtf just happened.
That Inoue is always angry about something..
Poor Amami got tricked into possession.
The worst kind of being a "normal" high school girl.
A weird story just out of the blue..

Seraph of the End

Episode 6

The demon taming.
Each of them experienced they deepest, saddest memories.
Yu went straight for the head.
His strong will managed to get him a contract.
Yoichi was having trouble with his demon...
His will was just not strong enough.
Guren was pushing the other two a bit too hard with Yoichi situation.
Really nice episode.

Uta no Prince-sama Revolutions

Episode 6

The tower opening ceremony song.
Camus was distant and cold towards Haruka.
Yet, his fans were crazy about him.
Haruka experienced first hand how difficult he is.
His personality totally changes when onstage.
Writing a song for him was not easy, but it was worth it.
Good episode.

Plastic Memories

Episode 6

How Isla lost her human partner..
No wonder she is so withdrawn.
Tsukasa really cares about him & she is starting to open up a bit.
Still, it was hard to deal with the Marcia aftermath..
Isla's lifespan is just too short...
That fact will make their relationship better, but will also be a burden.

Kekkai Sensen

Episode 6

That jellyfish monster thing was unusual, but likeable.
Leo really has a big heart..
He managed to get a new friendship out of it too.
Still, that beating caused a weird side effect.
Those taxi guys went overboard and got exactly what they deserved.
Still, it's a shame they didn't remember, but managed to do it all over again.

One Piece

Episode 692

Intersting new opponents for Luffy and Cavendish.
Zoro still dealing with Pica.
Bartolomeo was having mangasms over Zoro..
So the little people's princess is also trapped in the factory.
Being so little sucks sometimes.. luckily Franky appeared to help out.
Good episode.

World Trigger

Episode 29

It just hit me..
Am I imagining things or are the Japanese pretty much always using kids to fight their fights in anime?
This time: strategizing, predicting enemies moves & summarizing.
That was the first half of the episode.
Second half was more hands on.
Yuma vs old black guy was pretty cool to watch.
Horned guy was reeking havoc inside the HQ.

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