Saturday, May 23, 2015

Current anime episodes comments - Fairy Tail, Re-Kan!, Seraph of the End, Uta no Prince-sama Revolutions, Plastic Memories, Kekkai Sensen, Kuroko's Basketball 3, One Piece

Fairy Tail

Episode 59

Time to face the demons!
Hope this Tartarus arc will be a good one.
Magic council decided to get off their asses a bit too late..
Jackal sure has an interesting power.
Judging by that, it's gonna be a serious challenge to fight the demons.
A whole bunch of new characters.. they sure look unique.


Episode 8

Child spirit.
It was kinda sweet.
Inoue was funny again ^^
That kid had everyone melt around her.. too sweet.
Yamada sure got his fair share of beating LOL
Looks like she was somehow connected to Moriya-sensei.
Such a sweet, sweet story...

Seraph of the End

Episode 8

Extermination time!
Yuu's first real battle.. of course he just charged in.
He's so confident that it's scary.
That is a double edged sword..
He got carried away with a whole bunch of things this time.
Shinoa really knows how to put Yuu in his place.
The encounter with a higher class of vampires felt bitter.

Uta no Prince-sama Revolutions

Episode 8

Starish guys sure made a huge success in everything they did.
All that hard work payed off.
Hijirikawa & Ichinose doing a music festival.
Guess it is their turn now.
In all that, Nanami had the most challenging task of constantly adapting.
At least this time we had a pair that worked well together.

Plastic Memories

Episode 8

That old lady was interesting with her choice.
It made Tsukasa think..
He was practically obsessed with Isla somehow keeping her memories after the wipe.
The festival time was supposed to be fun but Isla was acting all weird again.
The fact that Isla as he knows her will be gone soon is making him frustrated.
Their little budding romance is going nowhere.. such a bitter-sweet episode end.

Kekkai Sensen

Episode 8

That Zapp is a chronic gambler.
He always seems to overdo things..
The blood breed making their move.
Damn, I thought blood breeds were scary, but that Master Jugei is something else.
Zapp got what he deserved! A snap back into reality.. more or less.
He's too weird for it to last anyway.
Black is getting more and more interesting with each new episode.
His story is slowly unfolding.

Kuroko's Basketball 3

Episode 20

Things keep getting worse for Seirin.
Hyuga messed up big time..
The score gap seems too big to catch up.
Seirin players keep reaching for new heights and succeeding.
Looks like Kuroko got this party started again!

One Piece

Episode 694

Bartolomeo was at it again ROFL
Lots of reminiscing mid flight..
Sugar woke up... not good.
Those huge toys were a nuisance.. kept refusing to die.
Good episode.

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