Sunday, April 26, 2015

Current anime episodes comments - Kekkai Sensen, Kyoukai no Rinne, Gintama 3, Ore Monogatari!!, Naruto Shippuuden, DanMachi, Assassination Classroom, Shokugeki no Souma

Kekkai Sensen

Episode 4

Leo hanging out with the team..
Of course the kid had to see something unique again.
Still, vampires are pretty cool ^^
That Blitz guy... weirdness.
Poor Leo got hit by a bunch of bad luck from Bitz..
Zapp was exhausted by all the crazy things that kept happening 'cause of Blitz.
Those vampires mean business, but so does Libra.
Great episode!

Kyoukaino Rinne

Episode 4

Hmm.. the new guy was pretty unlikeable at first..
Rokudou vs Tsubasa.
Somehow everything was about Sakura's love life.
Rokudou was off his game since Tsubasa came.
That date sure was interesting ^^
Fun episode!

Gintama 3

Episode 4

History time.. That kid was in over his head..
They put in Koro sensei stuff ROFL
That was a nice surprise ^^
Gin's version of history was just mind-blowing & hilarious!
It was ROFL to watch everyone join in add a little something-something of their own to history..
2nd half with Shinpachi was very amusing too.
Gin really overdid the whole thing but in an amazing away!! ROFL

Ore Monogatari!!

Episode 4

Takeo keeps amazing people ^^
He was awesome to himself too.
Some of his actions were LOL but sweet.
It was really nice watching him & Yamato interact.
Poor Suna was totally the third wheel..
Oh wow.. Yamato's friends were a bit in shock about Takeo.
Not surprise there, I guess. Same with girls drooling over Suna.
Takeo's heroic move was epic.

Naruto Shippuuden

Episode 410

New trouble on the horizon.
A sandstorm with some bad intentions.
It certainly made things difficult for everyone.
Foo was helpful this time.
The unavoidable flashbacks with her in the spotlight followed.


Episode 5

Hestia finally on a date with Bell.
She was so excited about it too ^^
Sadly, their date became very crowded fast!
Lili was torn between her reality & Bell's kindness.
It was nice to learn a bit more of Bell's way of thinking.
Developing magic was pretty cool.
Nice episode.

Assassination Classroom

Episode 15

Final exams time.
Koro shooting off his tentacles & making it into a weird story..
He sure found an interesting thing to motivate them.
The main student body wasn't going to give up easily.
Like father like son. Asano is onto something.
The surprising bet with A class got intense.
Let the battle of the wits begin!

Shokugeki no Souma

Episode 5

Satoshi has loads of potential.
Looks like Souma met his match!
Or is the other way around?
Of course everyone enjoyed the meal.
That was one fun hangout session ^^
Damn, food wars at the Academy are no joke!
Souma needs to learn a lot about how that place works..

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