Thursday, January 23, 2014

Current anime episodes comments - Naruto Shippuuden, Kill la Kill, Mahou Sensou, Log Horizon, Space Brothers, Kuroko's Basketball 2, Double Circle

Naruto Shippuuden

Episode 346

The story of Obito just got seriously dark.
I truly feel sorry for him and his unlucky life.
Madara's plan is really diabolical.
How corrupted he must be to get such a crazy idea.
Just another victim of unfortunate circumstances...
It was nice to learn more about Akatsuki.
It's sad how people's dreams get twisted with time.

Episode 347

Kakashi's side of the story.
Probably parallel to the Obito story.
Of course they had to put flashbacks into flashback episode.
It was weird watching Akatsuki as the good guys.
Just shows to prove how good intentions can end up to be bad.
There is always some element working against you.

Kill la Kill

Episode 15

The rich, cocky guy vs Satsuki was really fun to watch.
He was so full of himself he just had to be put in place.
So that was just an intro fight into more interesting things.
It's always a pleasure watching Matoi vs Satsuki ^^
Damn, this episode was overflowing with fights.
Totally epic!

Mahou Sensou

Episode 3

Fun days at the magic academy ^^
Wasn't too thrilled with the fan service.
Hope they won't overdo it and spoil the anime too much.
Guess it'll get better rating with more exposure of certain body parts.
Seems this was a relaxing episode with emphasis on relationships.
The whole love drama part was rather unnecessary and seemed kinda forced.
They should focus more on the magical warfare part.

Log Horizon

Episode 17

Seems like things are getting interesting.
The goblins are making their move, but so are the humans.
The only problem so far are their vast numbers.
Not only that but also a whole cloud of mistrust looming over that castle.
The NPCs are still feeling reserved towards the adventurers help.
I really dislike the whole politics thing in this anime.
The princess took a stand, didn't see that coming, but it was cool.
Hope the fight parts will be shown soon..

Space Brothers

Episode 91

This truly was a really nice episode.
A lot of positive emotions and good things!
It was kinda weird seeing Damian after all this time.
Still, it was nice they all went all out to encourage Hibito.
His test lasted for an entire episode, but it was fun to watch it!
After all that, I think things will get back on track for both brothers.

Kuroko's Basketball 2

Episode 16

First season was normal basketball.
This (2nd) season is superhuman basketball.
It kinda reminds me of that movie Shaolin soccer, just with basketball.
That pink haired girl is a really good manager.
She knows how to read other players and find their weaknesses.
I was surprised Seirin had another trump card.
Damn, this game seems to be going on forever!!

Double Circle

Episode 1

Don't know how I managed to miss this one.
Shame it's just a short ~7 minute anime.
It felt like I was missing a whole lot of something (plot) here.
Like the anime started from the middle.
Somehow it managed to turn into Kamen Rider sort of thing...
Skipping it.

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