Saturday, January 18, 2014

Current anime episodes comments - Log Horizon, Uchuu Kyoudai, Nisekoi, Kuroko's Basketball 2, One Piece, Magi 2, Noragami, Nobunaga The Fool

Log Horizon

Episode 16

Fish attack, totally LOL at first sight.
Later on, not so much.
Something was seriously off with the demi-humans.
Interesting how a simple game event is now a big problem.
Things sure have changed since the game became players reality & home.
They just cannot afford to be reckless.
Good episode that laid some solid foundation for the upcoming event.

Uchuu Kyoudai

Episode 90

Lots of flashbacks to their childhood.
At least they were well incorporated with the plot.
Mutta is starting his Moon training.
Hibito was facing his PD head on.
Nothing has been resolved yet.
They're totally stalling and making us wait until next episode.


Episode 2

Decided to give this one another chance.
The way those two fight, it's obvious they like each other.
Darn, those yakuza are scary.
They are totally stuck with being a couple lie.
Well, it's not like they completely dislike each other.
Their date was a joke.
Looks like those two have reversed the roles.
Poor Onodera got caught in the middle of their farce.
Well, I'm dropping this for good now.

Kuroko's Basketball 2

Episode 15

Looks like Kagami has a few surprises up his sleeve.
Aomine on the other hand is a monster.
A really really scary talented player.
It seemed like Kagami & Aomine were the only players on that court.
Talking about impressive.
Looks like Kagami has almost reached his full potential.
The second half of the game looks very promising.
Can't wait to see how it'll continue.

One Piece

Episode 629

I've must of watched the Funimation version OP for a while.
Today was the first time I saw the "Hands Up" OP.
Really nice ^^ and the 15 years anniversary thing - impressive.
So the new arc finally started.
It was about time they got off Punk Hazard arc.
Luffy and his love for meat ^^" ROFL
Interesting episode. Looks like this arc will be more pirate centered.

Magi 2

Episode 15

Looks like their little adventure passed without any consequences.
The truth from the past about magicians was harsh and sad.
Still, it looks like they're out for revenge.
Very emotional episode.
It's hard to pick a side since both sides are corrupted in their own way.
Don't know what to think after seeing all that.
One thing is certain, this anime is getting better.


Episode 3

 I like the new kid, Yukine ^^
He's a good match for Yato & Hiyori team.
It's just kinda sad those two have to live like some kind of beggars.
Finally, they show us what a true god has.
Poor Yato looked very pathetic compared to that.
Yato's convictions are something you have to get used to.
His heart and his mouth aren't often synched.
Yet, in the end, he always seems to do the right thing.

Nobunaga The Fool

Episode 3

Jeanne posing as a guy, not bad at all.
She actually looks really nice.
Nobunaga's little brother seems like a sweet kid.
A complete opposite of the wild Nobunaga.
Yet, Nobunaga still manages to surprise with his fighting skills.
It's nice we finally got to see a bigger fight.
I must say it was rather impressive.
Hope this anime will continue along this path.

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