Sunday, January 12, 2014

Current anime episodes comments - Kuroko's Basketball 2, One Piece, Magi 2, Noragami, Benmashi Cecil, Nobunaga the Fool, Witch Craft Works, Buddy Complex, Yowamushi Pedal

Kuroko's Basketball 2

Episode 14

Ahh... the Winter Cup game.
Seirin learned how to play creatively.
It was about time their game climbed to a higher level.
Getting such a tough opponent for the first game was unlucky.
But they could still benefit from it.
It's better to get harder opponents from the start than easy wins.
This way they won't have a chance to relax and make stupid mistakes.
I really enjoyed watching this episode ^^

One Piece

Episode 628

Emotions were running all over the place.
Glad they figured out how to outsmart Breed.
Not much of a surprise there.
The solution rather simple and unexpectedly fast.
That little seal was impressively brave.
I'm glad Breed finally got what he deserved.
Pretty good episode.

Magi 2

Episode 14

Nice to see Titus and Aladdin hang out.
Guess it could be a start of a better relationship between them.
Not surprised they're looking for trouble again ^^"
Always poking at the sleeping lion.
Looks like under the pretense of a prosperous city darker things lie underground.
Well, nothing is perfect and someone always has to pay the price so others could live carefree lives.
It's never fair and it's always sad...
This new story is interesting and certainly has potential.
Really good episode.


Episode 2

Hiyori seems to be out of it since her accident.
At least she's enjoying her spirit self ^^
Her life sure changed a lot..
Yato is way too carefree for a god.
If he took his job a bit more seriously, he'd be closer to his goal.
Still, it's awesome watching those two get into trouble.

Benmashi Cecil

Episode 1

Some of the CG needs serious improvement.
The characters look good though.
Story sounds ok, but it could go in any direction.
The whole lawyers thing is a unique concept.
Don't know what to expect.
Main characters are practically all girls.
Looks like they were saving the fun for the very end.
Not bad, but it's still missing something.
Think I'm gonna skip it.

Nobunaga the Fool

Episode 2

Nice mecha fight ^^
That Nobunaga sure has a talent for fighting.
His hair style looks a lot like Takuto's from Star Driver.
It's nice to see that unusual style again.
Leonardo has a knack for stirring up trouble..
Jeanne & Nobunaga, what an unimaginable duo.
It's so weird seeing so many famous historical/legendary people in one anime.
Hideyoshi must be that one comic relief character... what an idiot.
Jeanne is giving off an all-boobs-no-brains-vibe; at least for now.
Very interesting and promising anime.

Witch Craft Works

Episode 2

Kagari always takes things so literally.
She's just too stiff, too trained.
Takamiya, on the other hand, is too carefree around all that danger.
It was nice to see new characters.
Well, this anime doesn't lack action, that's for sure.
Practically everywhere they go they get attacked.
Things are getting out of hand.
Takamiya's situation is pretty ridiculous.
The way things are going, he's never gonna have a normal life.

Buddy Complex

Episode 2

The future seems very intense.
At least it isn't lacking action.
Aoba handled himself great.
That was a nice surprise since he's a first timer.
So far it's pretty interesting.
Hope it continues down this road.

Yowamushi Pedal

Episode 14

Quite a few flashbacks this time.
Got to hand it to Onoda.
He's persistent and it's starting to pay off.
Guess he just made a new friend as well.
Manami might not be on the same team, but he's pretty cool.
It was fun watching that private race.
Everyone is aiming for the Inter-High.
Wonder who'll get to go in the end.

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