Friday, January 10, 2014

Current anime episodes comments - Hoozuki no Reitetsu, Kill la Kill, ZX Ignition, Mahou Sensou, Pupa, Nourin, Log Horizon, Space Brothers, Nisekoi, Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda

Hoozuki no Reitetsu

Episode 1

Traditional + youkai + afterlife + weird = this anime
The animation is certainly unique, especially the setting.
Plot isn't very defined yet.
Seems like they are just going with the flow..
The only thing I liked was Hozuki's seiyuu's voice.
This level of weirdness is off the charts.
Can't make any sense of this anime whatsoever.
Skipping it.

Kill la Kill

Episode 13

Matoi was acting totally out of character.
It was weird seeing her lose her way, her goal.
Looks like she's worried about the rampage thing.
I'm awed by cheerfulness of Mako's family.
Damn, Matoi just can't seem to get rid of Nui.
It was the worst possible time for her appearance.
That girl is one scary opponent.
Things didn't turn out predictable this time..

ZX Ignition

Episode 1

The intro was interesting.
Practically all girl characters... kinda disappointing.
I would usual go for this sci-fi/adventure thing.
Feels like something is missing though..
Can't really put my finger on it.
Maybe it's just not serious enough for me.
Getting the younger viewers vibe from this one.
Skipping it.

Mahou Sensou (Magical Warfare)

Episode 1

This one has potential.
The story seems interesting enough.
Characters look nice as well.
Action parts were really good.
I'm gonna be watching this one.


Episode 1

Another anime I thought it was full length.
I was wrong, as usual...
The animation was interesting, different.
It was unusual, but good.
The mystery of the story was intriguing.
Metamorphosis was sudden and gruesome.
Creepy, but shame it isn't a regular length anime.
I could use a good horror right about now.
Indecisive about this one.

Nourin (No-Rin)

Episode 1

Silver Spoon knock off with an idol.
Is it just me or are they running out of imagination?
Well, they did put in some comedy parts.
The story was pretty ridiculous.
They were all acting like some kind of idiots.
This is so not my kind of thing.
Skipping it.

Log Horizon

Episode 15

Explanations of the powers and abilities were a bit dull.
They probably put in to make character's actions more understandable.
Shame they wasted half of the episode on it though.
At least the training camp is making nice progress.
Not much Shiroe and his story this time.
Almost entire episode was focused on the low level kids' training.
Seems like the action is reserved for next episode.

Space Brothers

Episode 89

The unavoidable flashbacks are starting to annoy me.
Seems they are looking up to Naruto too much..
Mutta - Serika relationship is just LOL
Wish he would find some guts and ask her out already.
At least he's finally starting to live his dream.
Nitta and Kenji got the spotlight for a while.
Hibito was mostly on the sidelines.
Guess he'll make it or break it next time!


Episode 1

The CG is a bit weird.
Maybe too flashy and kinda over the top.
This anime could have done without it just fine.
Halfway through it started to seriously annoy me.
Had higher expectations from this.
Those two were extremely annoying..
Don't know what to do with this one.

Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda

Episode 1

Teen being bossed around by little girl?
So far I see only one  main guy..
Loli + possible harem + weird plot.
I'll leave this one to male viewers.
Enjoy! Skipping it.

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