Monday, May 20, 2013

KDrama - To The Beautiful You

I just finished watching Korean drama To the Beautiful You. This drama was made after Japanese drama Hana Kimi which came out a few years before. Naturally, I've seen both. It really has an amazing story so I just couldn't resist watching the Korean version. At first I thought the Korean version would be the same as the Japanese, but that's so not true. Honestly I someone asked me to pick the better one, the Korean version would win but not by much.
It was just awesome watching the story all over again. This time it was even better. There were much more emotions involved and you can really get into the story easily. I really enjoyed watching this version and am highly recommending it! There are also a lot of famous actors and musicians in this drama so don't miss out.


The series centers on Goo Jae-hee (Sulli), a Korean girl who lives in the United States. One day, she sees a track and field competition on TV, and becomes inspired by a gold medalist high jump competitor, Kang Tae-joon (Minho). She begins to idolize the young athlete but Tae Joon suffers an accident that could potentially end his career. Therefore, to see Tae-joon jump again, Jae-hee disguises herself as a boy and attends the same school as Tae-joon.

Genre: Romantic comedy, Drama
Format: Television Series
Writer: Lee Young-chul
Director: Jun Ki-sang
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
No. of Episodes:16
Production Company: S.M. Entertainment
Original Run: 15 August 2012 – 4 October 2012

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