Thursday, May 9, 2013

Current anime episodes comments - Naruto Shippuuden, Red Data Girl, Uta no Prince-sama 2, Devil Survivor 2

Naruto Shippuuden

Episode 312

Oh... nothing special again.
At least it's Guy & Lee this time. Watching them is mostly fun.
Of course the episode couldn't be without flashbacks.
Poor Lee got a good beating from that Chen guy.
He really can be a stubborn guy.
Yet another filler in a long line of Naruto fillers.

Red Data Girl

Episode 6

It was fun watching them on their little trip.
Everyone was having fun and relaxing.
Suzuhara was so funny in her drunken state ^^
Looks like that state helped her chat with Masumi.
Things got slightly complicated at the shrine.
Suzuhara can really be clueless sometimes *sigh*

Uta no Prince-sama 2

Episode 6

This time it's Ren turn.
The fashion show was nice. Ren was awesome.
Looks like he's having some family problems.
Nanami is like a guidance counselor for those guys.
Every time one of them has issues, they all come running to her.
Ren really was impressive this time. Great episode.

Devil Survivor 2

Episode 6

Hibiki looks totally ridiculous in that hoody.
Wish they'd give more info about the summon app.
This anime is more and more looking like a crossover of a few anime from my younger days, just a bit more action filled and with a mysterious story.
The core is basically the same as all summoned things anime.
It also on a slightly higher level than those anime aimed at kids.

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