Friday, May 17, 2013

Current anime episode comments - Naruto Shippuuden, Red Data Girl, Uta no Prince 2, Karneval, Devil Survivor 2

Naruto Shippuuden

Episode 313

Another filler episode.
Naruto is too slow in his arrival.
I suspect the last 2 episodes or so will be with Naruto kicking ass.
So far the plot has been pathetic.
It was inevitable foe this episode to pass without flashbacks.

Red Data Girl

Episode 7

I like this anime because it's relaxing.
The drama and their relationships are interesting to watch as well.
New episode had a nice balance between happy & sad.
In the end the whole Tabi thing kinda weighed over on the sad side.

Uta no Prince 2

Episode 7

Shinomiya and his double personality this time.
His gentle side is totally cute and sweet.
Satsuki on the other hand is mean, daring and dangerous.
His transformation back was just LOL
Haruka keeps saving them when they need it the most.


Episode 7

Karneval time!
It was nice watching them have some fun.
Especially after the events of the previous episodes.
The malfunctioning rabbit caused some unexpected problems.
Guess there's always that one thing that ruins everything.

Devil Survivor 2

Episode 7

The Anguished One played his villain role perfectly.
Hibiki had a difficult choice to make.
So this time they met the app maker.
At least the plot is making a leap forward.

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