Saturday, May 25, 2013

Current anime episodes comments - Date A Live, Space Brothers

Date A Live

Episode 8

So Shido's new target is Kurumi.
His mission keeps hurting the girls around him.
Maybe it's about time he picked one...
I'm kinda rooting for Tohka, but Origami is a good choice too.
Looks like one of those three will get hurt.
Shido deserves to get a beating from all of them.
It's not nice leading girls on.
Shido stumbled upon a horrible sight.
At least he's seen Kurumi's true colors now.

Space Brothers

Episode 59

Pico telling his story..
The side story is not that bad, but I'd wish the main story would get a move on.
By now, we all get how that parachute incident was traumatic for Pico.
First Rick and then the incident, that would brake anyone.
A little break of the side story near the episode end was nice.

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