Sunday, March 24, 2013

Current anime episodes comments - One Piece, Space Brothers, Hunter x Hunter, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

One Piece

Episode 588

So finally Luffy and his part of the crew join the battle.
Approaching Law so carelessly wasn't the smartest move.
He's changed a lot since 2 years ago.
Luffy can be such an airhead sometimes.
It was nice to see that the samurai head guy is not bad at all.
Reunion with Luffy was nice, but all that followed was just ROFL
Short summary was pretty enlightening.

Space Brothers

Episode 50

Nitta really made a mess of things.
Namba proved himself to be a true friend.
At least Nitta explained the reasons for the phone panic.
It was an interesting story and it let us to get to know Nitta a bit better.

Hunter x Hunter

Episode 72

So Hisoka plans on fighting with Chrollo.
Can't wait to see that fight happen.
Genthru's crew was up to no good as usual.
Playing tag with team Tsezgerra was kinda counterproductive.
Looks like some things will unfold next time.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Episode 24

Cars really put Jojo between a rock and a hard place.
Never would have guessed Lisa Lisa is Jojo's mom.
Stroheim had his hands full as well.
All in all, Jojo was holding on rather well.
History about Jojo's parents was interesting.

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