Sunday, March 3, 2013

Current anime episodes comments - One Piece, Space Brothers, Hunter x Hunter

One Piece

Episode 586

Luffy and others in the middle of the lake.
That was the worst possible place to be in.
It was freezing, most of them were devil fruit users and the sharks didn't help.
It's lucky Brook showed up.
They were pretty LOL all frozen and eying the centaurs clothes.
Nami's crew body switch as totally ROFL
Law grew into a seriously dangerous guy with scary powers!
Great episode this time!

Space Brothers

Episode 47

Living in America.
Enjoying new accommodation and shopping.
Murasaki really takes his jokes too far sometimes.
Mutta didn't take well new info about the 2 year training.
He's still far far away from being a real astronaut.
Fortune telling part was interesting.

Hunter x Hunter 

Episode 69

Preparing for the contest.
Those were anything but ordinary sports matches.
Razor is a really scary guy, but no surprise there since he's one of the creator of the game.
So Gon and the others finally found out that the game is actually in the real world.
Dodgeball game was pretty interesting.
Hisoka improved the quality of the game.
Gon took quite a hit. This game sure was dangerous.

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