Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Current anime episodes comments - Magi, Bakuman 3, Amnesia


Episode 23

They reached the top just to get into yet another difficult fight.
It would be nice to see them win without so much trouble for a change.
Either way, things are getting rather intense as the season finale gets near.
It was nice watching Alibaba fight, even though his skills need a lot more practice.
The war with Sindria and the reasons for it seemed kinda harsh and personal.

Bakuman 3

Episode 23

It was really fun watching Mashiro's reactions to everyone's approval of Miho & him.
Everything was going their way until that public voice actress auditions.
That complicated things, but was also cruel of the animation guys to do something like that.
It felt like universe was against them again...
The whole situation just put more pressure on Miho and Mashiro.
OMG! Finally! Finally their dreams are coming true. Can't wait for those two to get married!


Episode 11

Is there a single guy in this anime that wasn't her lover??
*sigh* At least Ukyo made some sense of the story.
The world trying to kill her part added a nice twist to the story.
Looks like he has a split personality problem.
It's one of those potentially dangerous things for the heroine.
Seems like each of the male characters has some kind of a personality flaw.

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