Sunday, February 28, 2016

Current anime episodes comments - One Piece, World Trigger, Dimension W, Nijiiro Days, Prince of Stride Alternative, Boku Dake ga Inai Machi, Assassination Classroom 2, Fairy Tail 2

One Piece

Episode 731

Still fighting the bird cage.
With not much luck.
Unstoppable so far.
Was nice to see everyone unite.
Rebecca controlled to kill Viola.
Damn that Doflamingo!
Luffy still out of it..

World Trigger

Episode 68

Tough stage..
Let the games begin!
Lots of players and strategizing.
Mikumo got hit in an incredible way..
Poor guy.

Dimension W

Episode 8

Salva & Lwai's past..
The island sure feels cursed.
Let the scavenger hunt begin!
It's sure not gonna be easy.
The island came to life to stop them.
All the nothingness parts are gonna be hard to pass.

Nijiiro Days

Episode 8

Mocchi suddenly turned up & messed everything up.
Kobayakawa has 2 guy after her now or...
Certainly seems that way.
Hashiba is gonna lose her if this continues..
He really needs to confess and fast!

Prince of Stride Alternative

Episode 9

Time to get cracking!
They need to work hard on their skills.
Nana's dad pushing her to Kakyoin..
Let the problems begin.
They're gonna need to work on their relationships..
Maybe pool time will help.
Takeru & Riku kept clashing all the time..

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi

Episode 9

Kayo's mom finally got confronted.
Things didn't look well.
With a twist of fate things suddenly changed.
Kayo was saved.
Time to save the rest.. a bit ambitious of him.
Would be interesting to see Sensei hook up with Satoru's mom ^^
Kenya was as perceptive as always about Satoru's intentions.
I slightly suspect Sensei.. right after Satoru told him about the trailer, the stuff was gone.
Great episode!

Assassination Classroom 2

Episode 9

Time to pick a career..
Not an easy task.
Nagisa.. a pro assassin?
Damn, his mom is an insane mess. Poor kid.
She has it all planned and won't let anyone get in her way.
Well.. after everything maybe she'll back off.

Fairy Tail 2

Episode 99

Mavis was impressive.
She overdid it though.
Major magic always takes its toll.
At least Yuri is his old self again..
What? Zera is an illusion?!
Wow! That was a shocker.

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