Sunday, February 21, 2016

Current anime episodes comments - Nijiiro Days, Prince of Stride Alternative, Assassination Classroom 2, Boku Dake ga Inai Machi, Norn9 - Norn+Nonet, Fairy Tail 2, Durarara!!x2 Ketsu, Haikyuu!! 2

Nijiiro Days

Episode 7

Day at the beach ^^
Every anime has it.
Time to enjoy the cute guys *drool*
Beach volleyball, watermelon and all the fun stuff ^^
Everyone giving Natsuki some alone time with Anna.
That guy needs to confess soon..
Everyone was hooking up, more or less.

Prince of Stride Alternative

Episode 8

End of summer final tournament!
Sakurai's dad.. just complicated things..
Kakyoin sure are favorites this time.
This not gonna be an easy race, not that all the others before were.
Honan got blown away like a bunch of slowpokes.
That was a serious blow for the team..

Assassination Classroom 2

Episode 8

Looks like I missed a lot.
Damn, things got complicated.
So Irina turned on our guys.
At least we found out more stuff about her.
That wall camo was pretty cool.
Karasuma was impressive.
Reaper got what he deserved.

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi

Episode 8

Things moving in a good direction this time.
Hopefully it will turn out okay, but it's still too early for that.
That bus is no longer a safe place.
Wonder who it is.. the killer..
Time for a new hiding place.
His mom is the best!!
Kayo was finally experiencing a real family atmosphere..

Norn9 - Norn+Nonet

Episode 8

Hmm.. a lot happened since I last watched it.
Things got more intense.
Lots of action too!
Much much better than the first 5 episodes.
So it's all in a distant future..
Trying to save the world repeatedly.. with Resets.

Fairy Tail 2

Episode 98

Starting a revolution!
Their little group sure has evolved.
They were very determined about their goal.
Power level has gone up too.
That dragon/Yuri went too far.
It's gonna be a challenge to save everyone..

Durarara!!x2 Ketsu

Episode 8

Saika's children out of control.. or under misguided influence.
Chat went out of control too.
Celty got her head back..
Shame they didn't show more of her.
Guess they're saving it for next time.
Good episode.

Haikyuu!! 2

Episode 21

Aoba Johsai guys sure lived through each play LOL
That yellow head was a total wild card!
Oikawa was pissing off Kageyama..
He was pissing off the whole Karasuno team.
Things aren't looking good at all..

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