Sunday, February 7, 2016

Current anime episodes comments - Nijiiro Days, Boku Dake ga Inai Machi, Fairy Tail, Durarara!!x2 Ketsu, Haikyuu!! 2, One Piece, World Trigger, Dimension W

Nijiiro Days

Episode 5

Baseball time... LOL
Looks like it's all about competition & sports.
Natsuki was pretty amazing in tennis.
Keichi and his whip ... epic!
Fun episode, but no love this time.

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi

Episode 6

Satoru saved Airi.. lucky her.
Someone is going to a whole lot of trouble to set Satoru up.
Kayo's death explained.. well, one version of it.
Satoru got caught.. damn!!
The bad guy partially showed his face.
Wonder why he's so hung up on destroying Satoru.

Episode 7

Satoru forces another chance from Revival.
This time he's even more determined!
Kenya is more and more intriguing.
He's like a chibi detective, very observant.
Satoru changed a lot, but... will it be enough?

Fairy Tail

Episode 97

Mavis meets Zeref.
She is just too sweet ^^
Somehow Zeref turned into their sensei LOL
At least it got them somewhere.
Founding Fairy Tail is getting closer..

Durarara!!x2 Ketsu

Episode 7

Is it just me or is that chat a bit toxic..
Things are going in a weird direction.. again.
Celty turned into a true monster.
Shizuo interfered but with not much luck.
He sure is a monster of his own..

Haikyuu!! 2

Episode 20

So Karasuno vs Aoba Johsai!
This should be an intense game!
Oikawa is not an easy opponent.
Karasuno sure has improved.
Pretty even game so far.
That last play was amazing!!
But that guy is kinda scary..

One Piece

Episode 730

Nowhere to run..
Trying to stop the birdcage directly.. kind of a long shot.
Don't think that's gonna work..
Just running a fools errand.
Doflamingo really, truly is the devil.
There's no saving that guy, just killing him once and for all.

World Trigger

Episode 67

Lots of bickering..
Feels like they're sizing each other up or something.
This episode was a bore-fest.
Lots and lots of talking, no real action..
Just strategizing..
So the real action starts next time!

Dimension W

Episode 7

Kyoma's youth ^^
He was desperate to save his girlfriend..
And got forced into something he never wanted.
Now I understand why he hates coils so much.
There's gonna be a lot of competition on Easter island..
Looks like things there are a mess.

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