Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Japan Shopping - Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000% & Kuroko's Basketball collectibles

I'm a little late with this review, but better late then never. So I got come new and cute collectibles from Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000% and Kuroko's Basketball. This was the first time for me to get a whole box of figure straps, but they were so damn cute that I just couldn't resist. It's wasn't the first time I got a plush, but it was the first time I got it from Kuroko's Basketball anime. Also, it's the first time I got an arm pillow which is the actual purpose of this plush doll.

Let's start with Uta no Prince. I got a whole box of the Color collection Vol. 2 figure straps. When you open the bigger box, you see a whole bunch (8 in total) of smaller boxes inside. There is no way of knowing which figure strap you're going to get until you open the box. It's actually kinda cool because you won't know what you get until you look inside. I got 6 different characters and 2 doubles. They are really cute and the perfect size to use as a key chain for a bag, keys or pretty much anything else. 

Next is Kuroko's Basketball arm pillow plush Kagami Taiga. So basically I got this because it looked kinda cute and practical at the same time. When it arrived I was surprised by the level of detail considering the price. The head of the plush is pretty much the same as you would expect to see on a normal size, regular plush doll. The eyes, mouth and eyebrows are sowed on and not a sticker. The hair is also really well done. The rest of the body is covered with Taiga's jersey with his number, but that part (the jersey) is like a giant clothes-sticker like material. That's the biggest difference from the regular plush, well, that and the position of its body which is lying down and not sitting like you can see normal plush dolls.
All in all, this was really good buy and I'm happy that I got this items for my collection ^-^

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