Saturday, April 6, 2013

Current anime episodes cimments - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Date A Live, Space Brothers

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Episode 26 Final

They sure made an effort with the final episode.
Pretty much everything was explained.
It was all crammed into just one episode.
Honestly, it's a shame they didn't explain it over a few episodes.
Final fight was pretty good. Nice final episode.

Date A Live

Episode 1

Nice opening.
Those siblings were pretty fun to watch ^^
All the security measures reminded me of Evangelion anime.
It was actually pretty cool seeing something like that again.
This looks like fun so far.
I will give a few more episodes even if it does look like harem.

Space Brothers

Episode 52

More blast-from-the-past moments.
This was a summary of the story so far episode.
It was nice to remember how it all started.
I just hope they won't overdo it will fillers.
The plot has been a bit slow lately.

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