Friday, November 27, 2015

Current anime episodes comments - Ushio to Tora, Noragami Aragoto, Fairy Tail, Young Black Jack, Owari no Seraph 2, Haikyuu!! 2, One Piece, World Trigger

Ushio to Tora

Episode 22

Nice effort on Tora's side.
Ushio needed some snapping back.
Kirio showed up to add some additional pressure on Ushio..
That kid really knows how to pick his timing.
Towako... what an intriguing woman.
Inasa went too far and it backfired on him.

Noagami Aragoto

Episode 9

Ebisu's foul plan revealed!
Yato stuck in a weird situation..
That trip to the Underworld sure is interesting.
Hiyori just couldn't quite shake off that feeling..

Fairy Tail

Episode 86

More Fairy Tail drama.
Problem hopping again.
Geer shared some interesting info.
So thair evil plan gets explained.
Gray showed up to save the situation..
It's pretty much obvious how much he's grown.
So Geer counters with an ace from his sleeve..

Young Black Jack

Episode 9

A figure from Hazama's past appears.
It was nice to see more revealed.
Damn, he sure had a hard childhood..
The drama & sadness factor was rather high this time.
Another impressive surgery by Hazama.
But Hyakki is not on a good path..

Owari no Seraph 2

Episode 8

Let the games begin!
Things aren't looking good for Guren.
The traitor showed his ugly head..
Dramatic turn of events... not bad at all!

Haikyuu!! 2

Episode 9

The 3 week training camp was exhausting.
Hinata was feeling his shortcomings..
Kuroo and the others lifted Hinata's spirits.
Kageyama was dealing with his own training.
Looks like they're both off to a new level.
There's no motivation like good ol' barbecue with lots of meat ^^
Fun episode!

One Piece

Episode 720

Zoro's pride..
Issho was impressive with saving everyone.
Looks like everyone gets to relax a bit.
Almost everyone... Luffy-Bellamy fight isn't over yet.
Seems they are one step closer to winning, but everything was destroyed.

World Trigger

Episode 56

Fun time...
The whole peeping thing kinda put a damper on things.
Xeno clearly has feelings for Lilith.
Looks like everyone used the resort for "training" LOL
Liquid trion soldier... nice move!
Lilith showed her new soldier side, impressive!

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