Saturday, November 14, 2015

Current anime episodes comments - Haikyuu!! 2, One Piece, World Trigger, Diabolik Lovers More, Blood, Dance with Devils, Naruto Shippuuden, Ushio to Tora, Noragami Aragoto

Haikyuu!! 2

Episode 7

Kageyama & Hinata both surprised by each other.
Looks like both of them are on a new level now.
The whole team was trying to do more, be more..
They still need some practice to achieve that.
Tsukishima was a bit off.
He's gonna need to up his level too or he's gonna get cut.

One Piece

Episode 718

Bellamy lost it.
Luffy was too soft on him..
It's hard to fight a moving city.
Pica strikes again!
Zoro's plans need some adjusting..

World Trigger

Episode 54

Lilith sure is full of energy.
Xeno making Osamu jump through hoops..
A new enemy makes his move.
Next episode should bring more excitement.

Diabolik Lovers More, Blood

Episode 7

More past gets revealed..
This tme the Sakamaki bunch.
Yuma showing off in front of Shu.
Trying to provoke the opposition.
So far it's failing..

Dance with Devils

Episode 7

Loewen - the dog is so much more than he seems.
It was a nice surprise to see his human form.
Ritsuka gets schooled about the grimoire.
Looks like everyone is after the book by any means..
Secrets are still restraining Ritsuka from the truth.

Naruto Shippuuden

Episode 438

Tsunde and her book of stories.
Still milking that old cow..
This time Sasuke & puppets.
Some Naruto & his dad too + Jiraiya lesson.
All in all, if you skip it, you won't miss a thing..

Ushio to Tora

Episode 21

Life getting back to normal for Ushio.
Well... that didn't last long.
A new enemy/competition & Hakumen's avatar showed up.
Damn... looks like the final battle is slowly approaching.
That Kirio feels suspicious..

Noragami Aragoto

Episode 8

Things took a good turn for Yato.
Seems like his dream is coming true ^^
Yukine trying to improve himself even more..
And then it all took a darker turn with Nora & the phantoms.
Wonder who "father" is...

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