Saturday, June 6, 2015

Current anime series comments - Fairy Tail, Re-Kan!, Owari no Seraph, Uta no Prince-sama Revolutions, Plastic Memories, Kekkai Sensen, One Piece, World Trigger

Fairy Tail

Episode 61

Looks like Fairy Tail is following in the footsteps of Naruto & One Piece.
Those recaps sure are getting longer..
Jackal met his match in Natsu.
Shame the whole explosion thing got in the way..
Nothing seems to be helping against that Jackal.
That old guy really was a coward..
So the demons are using curses instead of magic.. no wonder they are hard to beat.
Natsu managed to come through in the end.


Episode 10

New school year brought in new underclassmen.
Which meant new challenges in people accepting Amami..
Nothing seemed to be working.
At least she still has her own friends.
Looks like some of the freshmen came around ^^
Nice, relaxed episode.

Owari no Seraph

Episode 10

Stuck in a cave-in below.. for a short time.
The main event was happening above ground.
Humans vs vampires!
And then we have flashbacks to intervene in between.
Yu was pretty determined to join the fight.
Mika was showing off his skills..
Decent episode with an interesting ending.

Uta no Prince-sama Revolutions 

Episode 10

Another challenge for Nanami.
Time to make an epic song for Quartet Night.
They sure are making her work all the time..
Each of the guys had their own idea of a perfect song.
Poor Nanami had a hard task ahead.
Seems like she brings out the best in each of them.
As always, she proved herself to be a great composer.

Plastic Memories

Episode 10

Tearing those two apart with so little time left...
Not a very nice thing to do.
Kazuki was just being cruel..
Even with new pairing things went fine.
Kazuki seemed to be freaking out more that anyone.
Facing deep feelings is never easy.
Isla finally faced hers & confessed.

Kekkai Sensen

Episode 10

Zapp was being mean again.
Zed, Zapp & Leo... what a trio ^^"
Are there no normal restaurants in town?!
Pretty funny episode.
Things got more serious near the end.
Looks like next episode will be more interesting.

One Piece

Episode 696

The beautiful sunflower field & a fight.
Poor Rebecca just can't catch a break.
Daddy Kyros to the rescue!
At least the fight was more even now.
Luffy & Law came just in time to collect the key.
Looks like Sugar is ready for her revenge..

World Trigger

Episode 33

Jin making another of his premonitions..
The future keeps shifting.
Replica sure is useful.
Not much new stuff this time..
Hopefully next episode will be better.

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