Sunday, June 14, 2015

Current anime episodes comments - Kuroko's Basketball 3, Kyoukai no Rinne, Gintama, Ore Monogatari!!, Assassination Classroom, DanMachi, Shokugeki no Souma, Fairy Tail

Kuroko's Basketball 3

Episode 23

Akashi playing all positions by himself.
Kagami & Kuroko vs Akashi!
They definitely make an amazing duo.
Seirin managed to even things out.
Things are heating up!

Kyoukai no Rinne

Episode 11

Rokudou's forced engagement.
His dad sure is a piece of work..
He's also the worst dad ever!!
Their little weird battle was fun ^^
Nice that grandma stepped in and made an interesting announcement.
Well, looks like she was spot on at least for one of them..
Nice episode!


Episode 276

Hijikata really was a pig... LOL
Shinsengumi sure switched sides in a flash, but as a diversion.
That cult is one weird bunch.
Our guys had some pretty interesting tactics to deal with current situation.
Fun episode.

Ore Monogatari!!

Episode 11

Summer holidays!
Time for the beach!
Yamato is so sweet when it comes to Takeo ^^
Both of them were all excited about the trip.
Swimsuit time made Takeo stareeeeeeee, but it worked both ways too.
They make such a cute pair that it's sweetness overload!!
Luckily Suna was there to calm the situation.
Their alone time was so sweeeet O.O
Best episode ever!!!

Assassination Classroom

Episode 22 Final

Things were looking pretty bleak..
Takaoka vs Nagisa!
The kid was getting a good beating.
How things turned in a flash.
Nagisa pulled an ace of the sleeve.
Good thing those mercenaries did a switch of their own.
Decent final episode.


Episode 12

Peeping on girls bath time.
Bad boy Bell.. ROFL
Who knew he would come across Ryu there.
Some of her past got revealed.
Of course Bell had to find some trouble or it found him?
Hermes had his hands full of mischief at Bell's expense.
More trouble is coming next time!

Shokugeki no Souma

Episode 12

Megumi's dish was really nice.
Shame it wasn't enough to win.
Shinomiya's background came to light.
Doujima lowered Shinomiya's floating head back to the ground.
Megumi was saved in the end.
Nice episode.

Fairy Tail

Episode 63

Tartaros Arc, official start?
Crawford was the first of three.
Destroying the Face is gonna be a challenge.
They have to find it first & the location is unknown.
Erza & Mira... what a duo!
Elfman & Lisanna were in a serious pinch!
So that old geezer is a traitor! Damn!
Good thing Natsu found them.

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