Friday, March 13, 2015

Current anime episodes comments - Assassination Classroom, Isuca, Death Parade, Fairy Tail, Durarara!!x2, Kuroko's Basketball 3, One Piece, World Trigger

Assassination Classroom

Episode 9

New transfer student sure wasn't what everyone expected.
That machine was no joke.
It sure didn't give Koro-sensei a break at all.
The interesting part is that it kept adapting and getting better.
Wow! After Koro did a number on her software & hardware, she was impressive.
Even the students liked her ^^
Shame the owner/master reverted her to that assassination form.
Luckily, she learned a few things and prevailed!


Episode 8

Shimazu was feeling down and guilty.
Guess it's all because of what happened to Sakuya.
That "date" with Suseri was kinda nice.
It was a taste of normal life..
Suseri got hurt trying to seal a spectre.
Of course Asano had to lend a helping hand.
Flashback to Suseri's childhood provided some useful new info.
Nice episode end.

Death Parade

Episode 10

Some of Decim's background.
He was always a weird one..
Decim said some big words!
Time to judge the black-haired girl...
Old main card game was to seal their fate.
That old lady was interesting.
So the black-haired girl's name is Chiyuki.. was about time that came out!
Still... all that didn't help to bring forth more of her memories.
Last two episodes should be very interesting!

Fairy Tail

Episode 49

Kemokemo keeps growing.
That weird island was full of all kinds of things.
The virus spread from it rather quickly.
Wow! That Kemokemo ended up being just what they needed!
Shame his role was so short..
This was a nice mini story.


Episode 10

Akane's side of the story.
It all started so innocently..
The truth came out soon enough.
Guess that's when everything changed for her..
Of course Izaya had to mess things up even more.
Things are starting to unfold!

Kuroko's Basketball 3

Episode 10

Kuroko's tactics failed.
Kaijou isn't quitting!
It was fun watching Hyuga & Teppei bicker.
Lot's of flashbacks this time.
Kise & Kuroko went back in.
Guess they couldn't sit still..
The game was as intense as ever!

One Piece

Episode 684

Town in ruins. People in panic.
Luffy was funny. Law was not amused.
Cavendish overdid it..
Too many criminals on the loose.
Of course there had to be some trouble.
When the pirates unite amazing things get accomplished!

World Trigger

Episode 21

Replica explaining things.
Was about time they got to it.
Those neighbor worlds look very interesting.
I'd like to see more.
So each nation has its black triggers but they are a rarity everywhere..
Osamu became popular at school again.
Good base episode for the invasion start.

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