Saturday, March 21, 2015

Current anime episodes comments - Fairy Tail, Durarara!!x2, One Piece, World Trigger, Kuroko's Basketball 3, Yowamushi Pedal 2, Kamisama Hajimemashita 2, Parasyte -the maxim-

Fairy Tail

Episode 50

Guess it was time for Laxus to get the spotlight.
Laxus became instantly popular in town.
The mayor had quite the opposite feelings.
He was noting more than a corrupt official.
Laxus is definitely a strong wizard.
He showed that chibi bastard who's boss!


Episode 11

Kadota in a fight.
That's not something we often get to see.
Mikado seeing at first hand just what free reign for Dollars members means.
Akane soon to be reunited with her real home... or not.
Izaya cooked up trouble for everyone..
Sonohara to Mikado's rescue... that kid sure is useless in a fight.
Wonder what final episode is gonna look like..

One Piece

Episode 685

Cavendish on an ego trip..
Pica doing it again.
His size makes him slow, but deadly nonetheless.
It was amazing watching Luffy fight him!
Robin was pretty cool.
Bartolomeo was... as impressed as ever LOL
Time for Zoro to make his move!

World Trigger

Episode  22

Let the invasion begin!
Osamu got really serious fast.
The flow of trion soldiers sure was strong.
This is gonna be a huge challenge.
Their numbers are pretty overwhelming..
New trion soldier type was interesting.

Kuroko's Basketball 3

Episode 11

Things are looking good for Seirin.
Still, Kaijou isn't giving up that easily.
Kise was giving it his all & it payed off.
The point difference was getting smaller fast!
Kagami was getting desperate..
That kind of play even fired up the crowds!!
Guess the game will be decided next time.

Yowamushi Pedal 2

Episode 23

Manami's wings fell off.
Guess he overdid it and was done for.
Midousuji was out on his back. He already gave it his all and failed.
Manami is the next in line for failure.
Onoda was pushing it hard!
It was amazing to see him catch up to Manami.
Time to cross the finish line!
Finally! Onoda's mom realized what her son was doing.
I knew it... cliffhanger!

Kamisama Hajimemashita 2

Episode 11

Akura-oh bleeding out through the cracks of that boy.
He sure is persistent about going back to the Netherworld.
Pretending to be Kirihito was smart.
Nanami sure was having a better day than Kirihito.
But it looks like that some of the original Kirihito was left behind in that body..
Nanami's transformation sure was interesting.
Looks like her childhood was not easy..
Can't wait to see the final episode next week!

Parasyte -the maxim-

Episode 24 Final

The aftermath.
Migi saying goodbye.
Guess Shinichi finally gets to be normal.
His thoughts were pretty deep and interesting.
So the drama wasn't over just yet.
Oh he was so lucky to make that save.
Being slightly more than human certainly came in handy.
Good final episode.

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