Friday, October 10, 2014

Current anime episodes comments - Terra Formars, Garo: Honoo no Kokuin, Donten ni Warau, Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online II, World Trigger, Fate Stay Night UBW, One Piece

Terra Formars

Episode 3

How did they get in? That's the main question?
Guess they can fly now..
The elite force guys are scary good.
Finally, some guys that can stand up to roaches.
Wow! Mars really changed after the previous missions.
The problems is that roaches evolved too.
Some teams got lucky, while others didn't.
Still, it's gonna be pretty much impossible to survive there.

Garo: Honoo no Kokuin

Episode 2

Both boys are growing up nicely.
Garo is too carefree and not taking the mission seriously.
His son seems more mature than him.
The fight was nice, but I'm just not feeling it.
Dropping this one.

Donten ni Warau

Episode 2

Looks like they have a past they're hiding.
Younger brothers seem to lack in power & experience.
Thing is... only the oldest bro is worth something.
The other two are pretty much useless & need constant saving.
Story is unfolding slowly, but surely.
Good episode. Gonna give it another one before I decide.

Fairy Tail

Episode 28

Cool, they got billiards tables.
Gray was totally showing off.
Gotta hand it to Natsu, he sure knows how to make a mess.
That Erza sure has a colorful past.
And a really really short fuse! LOL
At least they got a new member out of it.
This was fun ^^

Sword Art Online II

Episode 14.5

Flashback to Sinon's trauma.
Interesting how her sweet friend turned into a total freak.
A recap episode.
From the very beginning to Kirito and unfolding of recent events.
Funny how everything that happened so far can be summarized in only 1 episode.
After watching it I got a feeling that I could've skipped all the 14 episodes and just watch this recap.
Still, it was good to repeat everything one more time.

World Trigger

Episode 2

Kuga is a trouble magnet.
Well, at least he can defend himself.
He sure has a lot to learn about acting like other people..
Osamu Mikumo has his hands full with Kuga, that's for sure.
Damn, he's pretty much indestructible..
Osamu keeps getting punched... kinda pathetic.
Well, at least Kuga is starting to fit in.
Maybe the sudden attack on school has something to do with Kuga being there..

Fate Stay Night UBW

Episode 1

OMG! There really are ~48 minute episodes.
That Sakura was like in a total maid mode.
Emiya was using his powers in interesting ways.
That Sinji sure is a piece of work.
Emiya got very unlucky, then lucky Tohsaka saved his life.
Lancer wouldn't give up that easily though..
Damn, Saber is finally heeeeeeeere ^^
That was one epic fight!!
Great episode.

One Piece

Episode 665

Rebecca vs Suleiman!
Her part in the arena has sure gone long enough.
I mean, she has some skills, but still...
Those costumes Luffy & others have on... still funny ^^
The chibi natives sure can hold their own.
Making some progress with the attack too.
Good episode.

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