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Anime series episodes comments - Blassreiter

Episode 1

Was pleasantly surprised right from the start.
Still, the CG was pretty crude...
I'm so not a fan of CG, especially bad one.
The story seems pretty interesting though.
So they formed a task force that fights Amalgam corpses.
The Gerd situation showed a completely different side of the story.
Those Amalgams are getting smarter & faster too.

Episode 2

That pill Gald took made him into a half breed.
There was a certain amount of distrust and scrutiny after that.
Guess they were being cautious about his situation.
Those amalgams from the circuit sure gave our team problems.
Looks like half breeds aren't something new after all..
Damn, Gerd just couldn't catch a break after the accident.
No wonder he reached a point where it pushed him off the edge..

Episode 3

Hermann was taking the Gerd situation pretty hard.
That's to be expected since he was his hero.
Guess he was Amanda's brother Malek hero as well.
Now people attacked by human-Amalgams become half breeds as well.
Not all of them though... interesting.
XAT guys sure have quite a few dilemmas in their hands..

Episode 4

XAT is fighting against Amalgams.
So is the half breed Amalgam group.
That kind of situation is not an easy one.
Chasing the Amalgam again + Malek side story continues.
That kid just keeps being bullied.
Guess Gerd wasn't dead after all..

Episode 5

Gerd sure can hold a grudge.
He came after Igor to get his satisfaction.
I thought Gerd was one of the good guys, but not so much at the moment.
Malek saved Joseph, that could prove to be a smart move.
Damn, everyone Gerd attacked turned into Amalgams.
XAT sure had their hands full.

Episode 6

On top of Amalgam thing everyone seems to have a personal drama.
The whole story is revolving around Gerd so far.
Gerd was totally out of control this time.
He seems to be getting more & more frustrated.
That makes him unstable and dangerous.
Hermann and Malek just wouldn't give up on him.
Looks like all he needed was to be reminded of his past self.
It still wasn't enough to snap him back.
In the end Joseph had to put him out of his misery..

Episode 7

Joseph did what needed to be done.
That act put him on Malek's bad side though..
Those bullies SO need to get their asses kicked!
They drove Johann into suicide..
Can't stand to look at them anymore.
Guess rich bullies prevail over poor good people..
Sadly, that's the reality we all live in.

Episode 8

Malek took the forbidden pill when offered.
Hope he won't end up like Gerd.
He was totally driven by revenge.
That mystery doctor finally started to spill some info about Amalgam.
So Amalgam's are actually evolved humans.
Guess she's looking for the perfect candidate.
Malek dished out some justice in his new form.
Those bullies totally had it coming.
Joseph got injured 'cause of Malek's recklessness.
The cat is out of the bag now..

Episode 9

Poor Amanda...
She's on the opposite side of Malek now.
Amanda - Malek relationship shown in full.
A new character emerged - Xargin.
He's quite an interesting one.
Xargin seems to posses some very interesting qualities.

Episode 10

Malek pulled the short end of the stick again.
Joseph pulled through though.
Guess that's the difference between blood & pills.
The difference between the ways they were made into Amalgams.
Seems the Director of XAT was in on the experiments.
Wolf banging the mystery doctor... intriguing.

Episode 11

Flu like thing spreading around.
Could it be something more?
Well damn, more people are turning into those things.
Things are getting serious.
Looks like an internal uprising is happening.

Episode 12

Wolf switched sides.
The disappointment and confusion of his teammates was obvious.
More & more of them are turning into Amalgams..
The infected ones put up a good fight to the already turned ones.
Guess they rather sacrificed themselves then turn into Amalgams.

Episode 13

Joseph's past comes into light.
He had a hard life as a child.
Endured everything with a smile.
A typical story of conflict between rich and poor.
All the injustice of the world was clearly shown.
So that was how Xargin and Joseph first met.

Episode 14

Story about Joseph's background continues..
Thanks to Xargin showing up, Joseph met his sister Sasha.
Sasha was involved into mysterious research.
The kids kept getting sick & Sasha was beaten to death.
Cruelty of the world was at its peak.

Episode 15

So Sasha was alive after all.
Now Joseph is suffering once again in the Director's clutches.
They want to make him as strong as Xargin.
Probably so that they could pit them against each other later on.
The Amalgam outbreaks are getting worse too.

Episode 16

Sasha spilled the beans about her point of view.
Guess she was naive at first as well.
That's why Xargin became the first test subject & ended up going crazy.
Hermann showed up all messed up..
He turned into Amalgam and seemed to blame Joseph for everything.

Episode 17

Joseph finally turned into his strongest Amalgam version.
Amanda - Hermann situation was such a fragile one.
New challenges have presented themselves.
Things are getting more interesting as well.

Episode 18

Joseph must have evolved into something really strong.
Demoniacs were just standing there and staring at him.
Wolf's fight with Joseph was good.
He seemed out of control & was attacking anything.

Episode 19

A girl from the past showed up.
She was determined to snap Joseph out of it.
Looks like her effort was not in vain.
Amanda almost got her revenge.

Episode 20

Hermann managed to infiltrate the facility.
Amanda is looking for Malek in all the distraction.
Xargin is always on a horse... so weird and out of place.
Maybe that makes him feel more like a real knight of justice.
Looks like Xargin is still far from Joseph's reach.

Episode 21

Xargin confronts Sasha.
That was not a very happy reunion.
Only a few moments later he was walking around the facility like he owned the place.
Funny how no one was able to stop him at all.
Well, at least Amanda managed to find Malek.
Director got what he had coming..

Episode 22

Beatrice's past got some of the spotlight.
Now we know why Xargin rides a horse.
Hermann vs Beatrice!
Luckily Malek stepped in and helped out.
Guess it was too much for Hermann to come out of it alive.

Episode 23

Malek took it upon himself to deal with Xargin.
Xargin and his army of Demoniacs met with Malek.
Malek va Xargin!
Things weren't looking good for our boy.
Joseph showed up just at the right time.

Episode 24 Final

Season finale offered a showdown of Xargin vs Joseph.
Things ended up well.
Malek got to live on and join the XAT.
Things went back to normal.
Good final episode.

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