Sunday, June 29, 2014

Current anime episodes comments - Sabagebu!, Yowamushi Pedal, Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha., Black Bullet, Hunter x Hunter, Free! Eternal Summer, Bakumatsu Rock, Mirage of Blaze


Episode 1

The train part was fun ^^
So... girls with guns.
This kinda reminded me of Upotte.
But this is obviously different.
Sonokawa was awesome.
Don't know what to think about this anime.
Strange, yet appealing.
Maybe I'll give it a few more episodes.

Yowamushi Pedal

Episode 38 Final

Kyoto Fushimi in the lead with Hakone very close.
Sohoku is gonna have to hurry to catch up to them.
Hime train full power ahead!
Midousuji ran his mouth like usual, but he was feeling the pressure.
His plan was going down the drain fast.
Looks like it's gonna be an intense 3 way.
Onoda was feeling the exhaustion through & through.
This is where true teamwork showed ^^
Damn them for ending it without ending Day 2!!
It's gonna be torture waiting for next season..

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.


This brought back nice memories about the anime series.
It was interesting to see how life continued after everything that happened.
At least Inari didn't give up on the shrine, even if she can't see Uka anymore.
They threw in a nice side story.
That Shiro sure was a persistent boy.
This OVA would fit it nicely with the rest of the series as a regular episode.
Damn, I want this anime to return with a 2nd season!

Black Bullet

Episode 13 Final

Those floating candles were representing hope.
Things got intense fast.
It's a shame this anime didn't have more Gastrea fights.
These ones were just awesome!
Rentaro was trying to play hero again... and failing.
He just has to accept the fact that he can't do things on his own.
Also, every war has its casualties..
The duel sure was a nice bonus. Didn't expect to see that.
Great final episode!

Hunter x Hunter

Episode 136

The aftermath.
So now chimera ants can live in peace.
Not that they're gonna be accepted by people easily.
Guess some were lucky..
It's always nice to see families reunited.
Welfin sure is obnoxious in his new form..
Like a bald dog, poor guy.
Kite bombshell dropped.
Could he still be alive?!
Gon's situation wasn't surprising after everything.
Killua truly is his best friend he can always depend on.
OMG was that guy at the end with wrapped head Gon's dad?
Damn, just can't wait to see more!

Free! Eternal Summer

Episode 1

It's BACK!!!
Another summer of boys in bathing suits, nice ^^
Hoping to see more competitions this season.
Haru is amazing as usual ^^
Looks like Samezuka-Iwatobi relationship has improved significantly.
It was nice to see Rin promoted.
Getting new members... such a pain again this year.
New characters are always welcome though!
This is gonna be an awesome season!
Will be watching this ^^
ED is great, totally loved it.

Bakumatsu Rock

Episode 1

Shinsengumi as a rock band.
That's definitely a new concept.
This is like Hakuouki meets Uta no Prince-sama crossover.
Except this is new and has to prove its worth.
Ryo & his guitar desperately need some guidance.
But that guy sure has a nice voice ^^ & the song was pretty good.
Will give this a try.

Mirage of Blaze

Episode 1

A blast from the past.
Decided to give it a try.
Bare with me on this one.
A high school student's life changed forever.
This has a nice level of mysteriousness.

Episode 2

History is definitely not at peace.
Destiny is always a hard burden..
A battle of good and evil is an eternal one.
So even friends aren't what they seem anymore.
Things are heating up significantly.
It's always nice to see a good fight, even if it's short.

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